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Early Spring Kitchen Decor

When I restyled the open shelving in my kitchen the other day, I also swapped out everything from mid-winter to early spring kitchen decor.   It felt good to bring in something new and fresh (Shopping links for some of the items in this post are at the end.).

Art over stove

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Over the stove I swapped out the old art for a new vintage oil painting. Previously there had been a wintery landscape, and I added this fruit still life from the thrift store.

White kitchen cabinets oil painting over stove for early spring kitchen decor

I also re-styled the corner in the nook in our cabinets. I had a Joanna Gaines cookbook and a cute plant that doesn’t mind low light, and a fun candle that I got from a very cool, local store Good Roots. I like that it really brightens up the corner and uses a space that wouldn’t normally be utilized.

Items to style a countertop corner
Over the sink where I have my Pothos plant clippings propagating on the windowsill, I spruced up the left edge of the sink a little bit.

Propagating pothos as Plant cuttings on a windowsill

That pitcher with a cork top I actually used to water my plants with.  I have a new tea towels out with original art on them in my store online store, so I added the orange grove tea towel to the front of the oven, and then in front of the sink.

Plant on marble round

I like it really brightens up and feels very very cheerful. Sometimes it’s nice to add these little touches in this mid-season early spring decorating; it’s a good way to mix things up a little bit.

The Orange Grove Towel by Jennifer Rizzo

A few people on Instagram have asked how my IKEA wood butcher block countertops are holding up. We actually installed them in 2010, I can’t believe that it’s already been over 10 years that we’ve had these countertops in! They’ve held up really well (though we don’t put anything hot on them or cut on them.).  I just give them a good  regular cleaning, and  quick sanding and seal them once a year. The only place we’ve had a small issue was were water sits around the sink there’s been a little bleeding from the cast-iron at the edge of the sink. It’s hardly noticeable, and most of the time it’s under the caulk that we replace when need be. We’ve been very happy with these countertops, and I feel like I’m almost ready for a change and would love to do a stone, but we are going to hang onto these a little bit longer.

White kitchen with wood countertops

Have you been changing out your winter decor to spring decor yet? Sometimes it’s nice to have some thing that’s just not seasonal. My new tea towel designs are made to carry all the way to summer.

Jennifer Rizzo Cracks in the Pavement Tea Towel

If you’re looking for a good project to do, make sure you check out my post on how to paint a DIY Abstract picture, or this post on how to make a bird’s nest vase, or make this fun boho clay bird wall hanging.

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