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Dark gray wall paint for 2017

I’ve been sharing pictures of the shop on Instagram, and one of the things I’ve noticed, is people are really in love with the dark gray wall paint in the Makery, and on the doors. It’s one of those colors I knew I had to use the minute I saw it. My style of design is all about contrast. I know the trends have been very light, bright, and white, with pop of color,but the pendulum is swinging again. I think we are going to see dark rooms coming back into style. We’ll still see gray, but it will transition into gray’s with green, and brown undertones. I know that sounds really weird, but the colors are actually really beautiful and rich. I also think warmer colors like rust will make a come back in the next two years.

Wood wall with dark gray wall paint

We are crazy about  the combination of the dark gray wall paint with the wood wall.

Makery space in The Collective lhe in Lisle< IL with dark gray wall paint, mismatched chairs and wood wall.

It’s Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron. We painted the supply cabinets the same color, so they blend in.

Makery space in Lisle,IL

The mismatched chairs really look nice painted all one color. We added a vintage frame to the back wall to hang the aprons for workshops.

Everything looks good against that wood wall.


Aprons in vintage frame at The Collective lhe in Lisle, IL

The Collective lhe Makery in Lisle, IL

We also added a few hanging plants. We’ve put plants all over the store, I love the kind of life they bring. We are really lucky to have great windows that let in light  from both eastern and western exposure. Hopefully they won’t die like my all my indoor ferns. Ever. Every.Single.Time.

Workshop set up for Makery classes at the Collective lhe in Lisle, IL

We set up recently for a private class “make date”. It was A BLAST. It makes me so happy to see women spending time to create just for themselves.

Makery with dark gray painted  walls with Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

I really would love to find a place in my own home for this dark gray wall paint! It looks so saturated in real life, and really adds depth.

I am so excited with how the space has turned out. It’s actually better than what I thought it would look like, and that’s a good thing. I always have these pictures in my head, and like every other designer, the key part is getting it to translate into real design. I can’t wait for you to see it!

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  1. It’s been so wonderful to watch your space–and all that it signifies–come together. The dark grey paint is beautiful. I used Wrought Iron in our small basement bathroom and on our laundry room base cabinets. That pop of black/dark grey is so rich looking. Congratulations on your new space and all the best on your venture.

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