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Our wood pallet wall

I am so excited today to share one of our favorite features of our Makery space! Our wood pallet wall !!! We’ve partnered with Mypalletwall to make an amazing wood pallet accent wall!!! We are delighted with the results and we’ve received so many compliments! I thought we would share a little bit about the process with you, and a more about the company. They are a local Chicagoland company, and we love not only being able to collaborate with local businesses, but to reuse or repurpose something as well, such as reclaimed lumber. One of the design elements I knew I wanted in our retail space and makery, was wood on the back wall.

Back view main st

I had this idea that the bright, light grey color, and dark grey color would be off-set by this really warm, rich wall. That’s the thing about using wood in décor. It really makes a space feel naturally beautiful, adds a rustic warmth, and shows the amazing character of the aged wood. I love that our wood pallet wall is something that was old, but is given a new life, and a perfectly good resource is saved from landfills.

reclaimed lumber used in wood pallet wall

Mypalletwall showed up bright and early, and was ready for work. The team started by covering the wall first with a brown paper, so that any paint color from underneath wouldn’t show through. After the paper was tacked up, they started adding boards and nailing them to the wall. They were really great about asking me if there was a direction I wanted to go in with the wall, and if there were any boards that I thought were too rustic, or if there were some I liked better than others. You know me, I love to micro-manage design that way. I love that they use wood from lots of different sources to give character to their walls, as well as un-treated pallet wood, they also use old crates, and barn wood.

Adding background paper to a wood pallet wall

It was really exciting to watch it go up and slowly transform the space.

Wood pallet wall first course

Mypallet wall installing a wood pallet wall

The guys really put in a full days work. Every piece had to be custom cut the the wall. They finally finished after about 9 hours, and when they were done, they cleaned up, and it was like they weren’t even there, except now we had this amazing wall.

Wall by Mypalletwall installed

gray doors and a wood wall

Almost every single person who has come in so far has remarked on how beautiful it is!

Pallet wall in Makery space

It really is a show piece, and makes everything look amazing! I love being in the Makery, with our wood pallet wall.

Wood wall with dark gray wall paint

Aprons in the Collective Makery and retail space with a woad pallet wall

Inside the retail space The Collective with our wood pallet wall backdrop

When I spoke with the owner, Tom, I was really interested in his story. I love how businesses can be born out of a passionate love to create. He told me after a childhood of working along side his dad in his wood shop, his first project from reclaimed wood was making a headboard for a close friend. After that, it took off, and has evolved into a business that has expanded throughout Illinois. To me, that is the best kind of success story.

Wood pallet sign

Mypalletwall also made our sign that I hand-lettered! It makes me so happy to see it in front every day,and I am so glad it will greet you from the street as well! Mypalletwall is offering a wide range and variety in colors and finishes for custom wall transformations for home and businesses alike. You can follow them on these social media channels…. Mypalletwall Facebook page, on the web at www.mypalletwall.com, Instagram at @mypalletwall , or email them at mypalletwall@gmail.com

This is a sponsored post, opinions are entirely my own.