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Day 3 of the Holiday Housewalk 2020

I know I say this every single year, but it always amazes me how fast we get to Day 3 of the Holiday Housewalk 2020. It seems like there is all of this build up, and then suddenly it’s halfway over! If you want to see the inspiration behind the last 10 years, you should look at this post. This is the house walk that started the idea rolling around to make the housewalk happen. I warn you, these pictures are from when blogging was beginning and I am pretty sure they were taken with a point and shoot, and maybe even a flash. I know I had a flip phone at the time, so it wasn’t taken that way. It’s funny how inspiration starts!  Make sure you check out our housewalk partner , Whimsy fancy goods, and check out her cute clothing! If you missed the first two days of the housewalk and need to catch up, you can see Day 1 here, and Day 2 here. You can also access the Holiday Housewalk Play list through Spotify on Day 1.

Jennifer RIzzo's Holiday Housewalk Day 3


Speaking of inspiration, today we kick off with Bless’er House. You may have seen her most recently in Better Homes and Gardens with her fun kid’s Christmas play room!

Bless'er House

Blesser house living room


You might have also seen the next beautiful house Craftberry Bush and her adorable dog Brodie in the latest edition of Better Homes and Gardens as well!

Craftberry Bush

Craftberry Bush glowy trees

I love Finding Silver Pennies east coast seaside flair and her gorgeous home.

Finding Silver Pennies


FInding Silver Pennies house

Golden Boys and Me has the most fun and colorful Christmas decor!

Golden Boys and me

Golden boys and me kitchen

Number Fifty-Three has a beautiful vintage feel, and I love her elegant touches with a little boho twist. If you’re having issues with this site loading on mobile, when you get to the “page not found page”, hit “home” and it will take you to her main page where you can see the tour.

Number Fifty-Three

Number Fifty Three tree


Redhead Can Decorate’s home feels warm and welcoming in a beautiful traditional style.

Redhead can Decorate

Redhead can Decorate home

And tomorrow we lead off with a new house on the tour!

Home Made by Carmona


  1. Numbers 18 can not be accessed and number 20 doesn’t have a Christmas Tour…What is going on!

    1. Hi Emmy,
      I’m not sure why you couldn’t get to 18, maybe there was a glitch? 20 is on tomorrow’s tour.

        1. Hi Emmy,
          For some reason her site is not loading on mobile for some people, but we aren’t sure why. Thanks for your patience as we figure it out!

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