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Designing the Playset Renovation

One of the things I’ve loved doing with my girls is designing the playset renovation. Of course it’s my favorite part! It was really fun to talk about colors and styles they had in mind. The hard part was giving them guidance without taking over too much control. I was even willing to go with a bright color palette, but Middle found more muted fabrics she liked at Joann’s for the canopy. We picked from the Sunbrella line of outdoor fabric so it would hold up to the rain. They were on sale, and I had a coupon as well, so it was a win-win.

Playset fabric mock up one

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There were actually two she liked, and I did a quick mock up on my phone, at the store, so she could see what it looked like. This one was my favorite.

Fabric option number two for the playset reno

Middle liked the striped fabric best. Since I was only consulting, we picked the striped fabric.

fabric and paint for the playset renovation

After picking the fabric out, it was easy to pick the paint. We decided the main body would be light gray, the base of the climber dark gray, the interior of the clubhouse part white, and the stenciled floor would be navy blue. That was one part we had a slight disagreement on, and I had to pull the mom card. I understood she wanted a plain white deck, but all I could think of is how fast it would get, and look dirty. At least with a cute stencil, it wouldn’t seem as dingy. The thing I liked about this stencil is it was geometric, but also kind of imperfect, which was perfect for us.

Stencil and Curb Appeal paint

We picked up some fun accessories at a huge discount as well in their summer section, like solar lamps, and we decided we would make a few things as well.

We also decided to take down the swings (we left one up on the end just in case), and add swinging hammock chairs (click the picture to see the product.).


I loved the idea, because I thought they would be a great place to sit and read, and really give the swing set part  of the playset a purpose.

We also decided we would do a little landscaping around it when we were finished and add a few plants.

I can’t wait to show you how we painted and stenciled the floor and the deck!