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Painting the Playset Rehab Part 1

Once the building and design plan was completed, it was time to get to some of the fun parts, which was painting the playset rehab!

If you missed the start of our playset project, you can see how we started it here, building the lower deck, and our design concept.

Play set swing set renovation with an under deck

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Painting was something that was a bit of a challenge, only because we had to wait for a dry day, when the playset wood could dry out completely. Lately, there have been very few of those!

fabric and paint for the playset renovation

Middle and I decided to use outdoor paints with sealers already in them when painting the playset. I’ve used my DecoArt paints on other outside projects, and they’ve held up really well. We did thin the paint slightly in the sprayer, even though we didn’t have to; it stretched it a tiny bit further, and we did need quite a few cans!

Outdoor paint and a paint sprayer for our playset renovation

I knew it was going to be a big job, so I pulled out our HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer. I used it on our deck makeover project, and it made it so much easier and faster! I also used Outdoor Living Paint and Curb Appeal because it already has a sealer in it.

Scraping moss off of a playset

We had to do quite a bit of cleaning and scrubbing on the playset, there was a lot of lichen and moss. We even had to pull out the paint scraper on some areas.

Using a paint sprayer to paint the inside of the playset

After it was cleaned,the paint sprayer made it so much faster for painting between the slats.

Painting our playset rehab with a paint sprayer

It was nice, because even our Middle could help out.

Painting raw lumber with a paint sprayer on our playset rehab

We were able to paint most of it with the Super Finish Max. There were just a few areas we had to paint with a brush.

It made it so much easier for the next part which was stenciling the floor on the lower deck.

You can see that here in part 2.

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