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How to Distress Furniture with Masking Tape

There are lots of fun techniques you can use to make furniture look old. This was how this chair was after it was freshly made-over and before any distressing. I wanted to share with you how to distress furniture with masking tape; it’s so easy!

Painted chair

 While it was very nice, it was kinda blah. So I used one of those secret tricks that any one could do.

How to distress furniture with masking tape

 After using a candle on the edges of the chair before painting, I decided it needed more…a real beat up look…And it is so simple to do with such a simple ordinary thing…

How to distress your furniture with masking tape

Masking tape!
 After your piece is painted, let it dry for a few hours and put masking tape over the area you would like to “distress.” For  a more complete reveal , press really hard, for a light lifting, just touch the tape o the paint gently and remove right away. You can even burnish it with a popsicle stick or the back of a spoon for a deep “grab.” If you would like a color to show underneath, paint that color a few days before and let it cure. Also, it never hurts to apply a small bit of  varnish to make sure the undercoating isn’t going to lift.

Distress your furniture with masking tape

              …and let ‘er rip!

Use maksing tape to distress your furniture

For the striping, I barely pressed down on the tape.

It's easy to use masking tape to distress your furniture

and pulled it up. The masking tape creates this amazing distressed look in all of the right places.

Chair distressed with masking tape

It’s so easy and looks old in a good way! For more furniture painting, see this post.

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  1. Thank you a million times for this post! You have no idea how I’m so going to do this. I sat outside distressing a dresser, primed, painted gray, then a creme color. I wanted each color to come through. Sanding blocks were not working! So I grabbed the electric sander. Way…WAY…to much work! Tape is my new BFF.

    Thank you for the tip,

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