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DIY easy embroidered pumpkin

I had a half pumpkin from Michaels and thought it would be fun to try to make an embroidered pumpkin.

Yarm ebroidered pumpkin diy

I decided on a bat with a bow-tie because… why not?

Pre-punch holes on an embroidered pumpkin for easy sewing

I found out it’s easiest to first draw your image,mark the holes with a marker and then punch them or carefully drill them out. It saves on the fingers, and the where are those darn holes guess work.

The two closest holes are going to be where you stitch behind.

Stitch through pre-punched holes

I just used regular, old black and red  yarn.

Make stiches in and out

Once the holes were punches out, it was just a matter if going in and out. The yarn covered up a few of my punching mistakes.

Use yarn and a half pumpkiin for this embroidered pumpkin

It took about 30 minutes. I did the same with the bow-tie in red yarn. He’s kind of cute,scary.

Yarn embroidered pumpkin diy with instructions and templates

I added some air plants for decoration. I think they are some creepy looking plants. They remind me of spiders.

I always forget to give them a soaking. I am one of the few people who can actually kill air plants. It’s a real talent.

Airplants can be spooky for Halloween

I do like the half pumpkins because they come with a hanger already n the back. Now is a good time to go get them because I was there buying for Christmas  (I know, I know) and they are already closing out their Halloween decor.