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DIY Faux Fern Planters

We were on the the verge of spring finally blooming, and bursting out all over, and we got snow!!!  This year Mother Nature has decided to squeeze every last bit out of winter that she could, and we are just starting to see some greenery and buds on the trees now. I normally love being able to bring live fern fronds into my home around this time of year, but right now,mine are barely pushing their noses out of the ground, let alone unfurling! Since I was craving that feathery green so badly, I decided I needed to out together a few faux fern planters for my table until my ferns are big enough for indoor clippings. I love using real plants in my decor, in fact, these are some of my favorite plant books.

Craft store faux ferns for DIY planters

I was at the home improvement store, and happened to notice how metal trays for drywall mud compound were a nice rectangular size to fit down the center of the table. I also liked the idea of the metal contrast with the greenery. I grabbed some faux ferns from the craft store, a few bags of moss, some dry plant foam, and glue, and I was ready to make some faux fern planters.

Supplies for creating faux fern planters

I cut the dry floral foam to size and placed it inside of my metal containers.

Cut and place dry floral foam in mud trays

I glued my moss on top of the dry floral foam to cover the surface.

Cover dry floral foam with moss

Once the foam was completely covered by moss, I was ready to place my ferns.  It helped to pull them a part and fluff them a bit to see how much they would cover once they were opened up before sticking them in the floral foam. I ended up using wire clippers to cut some a part too, and place smaller fronds.

Push stems of faux ferns into the floral foam to hold in place in fern planter

The nice thing about floral foam,is that once you push  the fern stem in where you want it, it pretty much stays in place. After I had my fern bunches in, I made sure to give them a little more attention, and bend the wires so they looked full and a little more realistic in the planters.

Bend faux fern leaves to look more natural

I added some of those felt pieces to the bottom of my faux fern planters so they wouldn’t scratch the table, and they were ready to add a touch of spring to my tabletop!

Make easy faux fern planters

I know real ferns are on their way, but it’s nice to have some green in the mean time!

Make these easy faux fern planters with hardware store mud trays


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