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Watercolor Lilac Free Printable and Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and our lilacs have just started blooming! I thought they were so lovely, I pulled out my paints and worked on a Watercolor Lilac Free Printable for you, and some free printable Mother’s Day and Thank you card using the same image. Just right click on each image to save and print.

Free Watercolor Lilac Printable for personal use by Jennifer Rizzo

Every year, I anxiously await my Lilacs.  They are just one of my favorite flowers. Some years I get a bonanza of sweet blooms, and other years not as much. Luckily, I have enough bushes now that if one doesn’t do well, another one picks up the slack.

Lilacs in boho vases late blooming varieties

Last year my Old-Fashioned Lilac really bloomed,this year  was an off year for it. If you are having issues with yours, you can see tips on troubleshooting that in this post.

Between the different varieties, and I’ve noticed that they all small slightly different. My Old-Fashioned Lilacs are slightly sweeter, while some of my newer varieties are a little more medicinal in scent undertones (if that makes sense?).

Free Printable Watercolor Lilac Mother's Day Card by Jennifer Rizzo

Along with the Watercolor Lilac Free Printable, I have two Mother’s Day Printable Cards for you. One has slightly lighter lettering than the other.

Mother's Day Lilac Free Printable card by Jennifer Rizzo

 There is also a thank you card, and a random love card that you can use at different times.

Free watercolor lilac printable thank you card

I find it helps to keep all of my free printable cards saved in a file on Pinterest so when I need a card, it becomes my go to. I just print them on card stock, and have them on hand for those times I need a card in a pinch! I hope you love this Free watercolor printable and use it as art! If you love Lilacs, you can also read this post, and this post.

Free watercolor lilac printable card

You can also see this post about spring blooming flowers.

And did you know some plants are so easy to propagate, you can make more from them!