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Keeping a Clean Kitchen without Harsh Chemicals

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Countertop cleaning at the holidays

I’ve found with current events, we’ve been much more meticulous about keeping our home and surfaces clean. I feel like I am constantly wiping down surfaces, door knobs and heavily used places like the bathrooms. Let me tell you, These people who live here are making it hard to keep the house in order, but I guess that’s to be expected. When Bona asked me to try out their PowerPlus Antibacterial Surface Cleaner I was eager to try it since it uses the power of hydrogen peroxide to clean and kills 99.9% of household germs (when used as directed.). We are huge Bona fans in our home. We use their products on our hardwood floors, and we used a Bona certified craftsman for our hardwood floors, which we are still thrilled with. And I really like to keep a clean kitchen without harsh chemicals.

Bona Powerplus cleaner

Bona’s new PowerPlus Antibacterial Surface Cleaner can be used on all of kinds of sealed hard, non-porous surfaces such as kitchen appliance exteriors like germy refrigerator handles, sink handles, sealed counter tops, knobs, handles, sinks, ceramic tile, and more ( not to be used for surfaces in direct contact with food.). Since my family is spending about 50% of their time at home either opening up the refrigerator or the pantry door, and the other half in the bathroom this is a good thing. It also cuts through grease and grime and with it’s streak-free formula; the front of my dishwasher and stove top cleaned up so easily!

(Our dirty, fingerprint laden dishwasher before cleaning)

Bona Powerplus keeping a clean kitchen without harsh chemicals

(I’m impressed with how clean and streak-free it is! That should last a day or so. Ha ha.)

Dishwasher after cleaning with Bona Powerplus

It comes in three scents which is such a nice change from other antibacterial cleaners that can smell a little medicinal to me: Unscented, Lemon Zest and Orange Blossom. Lemon Zest has a bright lemon-citrusy scent, and Orange Blossom is citrus with a little more floral, woodsy undertone. After using all three, I really like the Lemon Zest a lot for the kitchen. The bright lemon scent smells clean and while I like to keep a clean kitchen without harsh chemicals I also don’t want that chemical smell. I prefer the Orange Blossom for the Bathroom, it has a warmer scent to me.

Countertop cleaning

Bona PowerPlus Antibacterial Cleaner can be found a Target and Meijer with more retailers coming soon! For more information make sure to visit Bona on Instagram @BonaFloorCare.