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DIY Hanging Living Plant Wall

After creating the small faux hanging plant wall for the LYN house, I really wanted to make one for myself, except I wanted to make it a hanging living plant wall. Just after the new year, we finally brought a TV upstairs to our main level, and I recently painted part of my living room behind the TV with black paint. I knew that would be the perfect place to make my plant wall. There is a video at the end of the post of the before and after and an upclose look.

Black painted accent wall


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Replanting pothos for a living plant wall

Since I was going to be using real plants, I knew I had to use planters that wouldn’t leak, but that would look good.  I also needed them to span 80 inches because I wanted it to look like on continuous wall of greenery. I found these planters on Amazon. They were meant to be for flower arrangements, but they all had a plastic liner on the inside. As 20 inch rectangular boxes, they we perfect because I only needed 4.

Using cinnamon for fungus gnats

When I repotted my Pothos for the living plant wall, I did use my trick of sprinkling the top of the soil with cinnamon. Supposedly it helps keep fungus gnat out of the soil. I use it on my new seedlings too, and so far its worked well for that and dampening off.

Shelf for living plant wall

I didn’t want the boxes adhered to the wall, so I needed a shelf for them to sit on. My neighbor recently gave me a piece of ship lap from her own renovation project (thank you Neighbor!), and that made the perfect shelf with some L-brackets into the stud and wall anchors.

Painting a shelf black

I painted the shiplap the wall color, adhered the L-brackets to the shelf, and then painted those with the wall paint as well so they would blend in. Once it was on the wall, it was time to add the planter boxes.

Living plant wall on a black wall

If you saw my post about dividing Pothos, this wall was why. I knew that Pothos would be forgiving of low water, and grow and trail down the wall. It took 5 plastic hanging pots from the home improvement store to fill the planters.

Black wall with living plant

Once the Pothos were divided and the planters were made, I placed them on the shelf. They sit up there perfectly, and are secured through the bottom to the shelf. This way I can lift the plant out in the liner if I need too.

DIY Hanging living plant wall against a black wall

I am so excited to see how the hanging living plant wall looks once the plants really start trailing down!

You can see the before and after of the live plant wall here:




Living plant wall