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Wood Dowel Rod Vase and Plant Stand

Has anyone else noticed that suddenly the unassuming wood dowel rod has gotten new life? When I think of dowel rods I think of my brother’s Boy Scout troop for some reason, and or summer camp. It must be because dowel rods are so inexpensive that they were kind of a staple of any kind of handmade childhood craft. I remember sitting in Girl Scout camp making God‘s eyes with two crossed skinny dowel rods and yarn (Maybe that something I should give another try… it might be kind of fun.). When I created the wood dowel rod vase and plant stand, I decided that dowel rods could get an instant,modern upgrade as a craft/decor supply. By using a recycled can, dowel rods, and wood rounds from the craft store, it made an instant vase that could be flipped over to be used as a plant stand as well. The trick with making these is that the wood rods are cut evenly, and that they aren’t too long so that it becomes a tip hazard (unless you use a wider can for a base.)

Wood dowel rod vases and planters


You can watch a quick video here of the process, or skip to the steps below.

To create these dowel rod plant stand/vases you’ll need a few simple crafts supplies such as small wood dowels, a craft round, and a hot glue gun. The hardest part was cutting the dowel rods to the same size. I ended up taping all of mine together in a big bundle including the ends and then cutting them as a unit. I started cutting them one by one and realized it was going to take me forever and all my kids might be in college by the time I was done. Once they were cut, I made sure to sand or trim any that needed it so they were as close to the same size as possible so it would be level.

Wrap recycled can in paper

I started by wrapping the can in cardstock so the dowel rods would have something to hold onto. I was worried if I glued the right to the can they would pop off.

Use a wood base to create a plant stand

Then, I glued the bottom of the can to the craft round, centering as accurately as I could.

Hot glue dowel rods to can

Once everything was glued in place they were ready to use! The biggest thing about using it as a vase is to remember there is a paper lining between the dowels and the can, and that the water goes directly into the can when being used. Using a skinny glass vase inside of the can would make it easier to lift any flowers in or out and for cleaning.

Wooden Dowel rod and craft round crafts vases and plant stands


I think these are so cute, and I love that they are so versatile.

Wood Dowel rod vases also plant stands with wood bases



These would also be cute a little cupcake or cake stands, like this cupcake stand

Wood dowel rod vases and planters


The wood dowel rod vase and plant stand could be flipped either way for any combination!

Wood Dowel Rod vase with string of pearl plants


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Modern reversible wood dowel rod vase and plant stand