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DIY Rattan Caned Vase and End Table with Caned Doors

Have you noticed how rattan is back in style? In fact, not only rattan,but bamboo and other natural textures and elements. It all goes along with the emerging bohemian trends. I used caning  a few years ago when I gave my headboard a fresh look, so it’s not like it has ever totally gone out of style. I think as everything cycles around, every few years people kind of rediscover it. I have a few caned projects coming up, and I had a few scraps left over, so I wanted to make a DIY rattan caned vase to match a small vintage end table that I gave a makeover too with rattan caned doors. It’s really simple, and you just need a few supplies.

Dresser makeover with caned doors

You can watch the quick DIY video or continue to the images below.

Tip: When working with rattan caning, use hot glue to run a bead along the back before cutting. This will help to keep the caning from unweaving itself when you’re working with it.

Hot glue edge of caning before cutting to keep it from unraveling

To create this vase, you just need a tube glass vase, hot glue, and rattan caning to fit. You can find caning here. It does tend to run a little pricey, so you are going to want to keep all of your scraps for other projects.

Wrap caning around the vase and glue for a DIY rattan caned vase

Measure your caning to wrap completely around the vase with a small overlap. Use the finished edge at the top of your vase. If you intend to put water in your vase with fresh flowers, leave a slight lip of the vase edge exposed so the caning doesn’t get wet or icky. Before cutting to size run that bead of hot glue along the seams just to the inside of where you are going to trim it.

Hot glue caning to secure to vase

I made the mistake of just cutting when I first started working with it, and it started unweaving itself in a hot minute. Now I take a little extra time to make sure my edges are secure before cutting.

Cut the aning to size

Once it’s cut to size, use hot glue to secure it to the vase and with a slight overlap in the back onto itself. And that’s it! Wresting with unrolling the rattan caning to make the vase is the hardest part of the project!

Make a caned vase with rattan

It’s such a fun vase and I love adding fresh eucalyptus!

To give the vintage cabinet a makeover, first I painted it with a matte black paint. It was a little sad looking when I rescued it.

Small nightstand before makeover

Then I replaced the glass in the doors with rattan caning, and changed out the knobs.

Small end table with caned doors

It ended up so cute! I took it over to my little shop at Warehouse 55 in Aurora, Il along with some new abstract art work for a restock.

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