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Mid Century Modern Chairs Reupholstered in Velvet

Over the summer, after looking and looking and looking I finally found some Mid Century Modern chairs that I fell in love with. It took me forever to find them! I knew what I wanted, and I scoured Facebook marketplace day after day to find exactly the look I was going for. They were a great find, had a great shape, and the chairs were super sturdy, but the fabric was horrendous. Plus, when you sat on them there the foam padding was almost nonexistent so it actually uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Right before the holidays I finally tackled reupholstering the chairs. This ended up being a little more challenging than I intended because it was still the original fabric. I decided to make over my new Mid Century Modern Chairs reupholstered in velvet. Some people advised me to not go in that direction because of the way it wears, but I had my heat set on it, and decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

Original vintage mid century modern chairs

Reupholstering your old chairs in new fabric and foam is a great way to give them a new look for a fraction of the cost of brand new chairs. Plus, vintage furniture tends to be of higher quality and more well-made than some newer pieces.

Pink Salmon velvet from Fabricguru.com

I found some  fabric I loved from Fabricguru.com that was a really pretty salmon color. I estimated about  30 inches by thirty inches per chair seat to account for the new foam.

Original striped fabric on Midcentury modern chairs to be reupholstered

I actually had to do a little sleuthing as to how they were attached to the chair, because they weren’t simply just screwed in from the bottom, there was actually a screw that was from the back of the chair that had little caps over the top I had a pop off. Once I was able to remove the cushion, the reupholstering was fairly straightforward.

Reupholstering chairs with new foam and fabric

I bought 2-inch foam that I found in a roll from Hobby lobby that I used to 40% off coupon on, and then I cut the fabric so it was about 6 inches from either side because I wanted to have enough extra to wrap it.

Wrap and staple a chair seat to reupholster, Mid Century Modern Chairs Reupholstered in Velvet

You can see this post here on how to reupholster a chair seat. Once they were completely stapled, probably with more staples and I needed, we reattach them.

Reupholstered MCM chairs

  I am now so happy with how they look, and I love how our Mid Century Modern Chairs Reupholstered in Velvet feel too!

Dark gray paint accent wall with a round gold mirror

They fit so well in our space! It hasn’t been super long with the fabric, but so far so good, and this is even after people have already started dropping food on them.

Midcentury chairs reupholstered in velvet

It was really nice to enjoy them with the holidays, and they look so good against the dark wall color.

Bohemian holiday decor with MidCentury Modern Furniture

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How to reupholster mid century modern chairs in velvet




  1. I have reupholstered chairs, I have used velvet and they were as easy to clean and wore like iron! I’m glad you threw caution to the wind and have lovely chairs!

  2. I love velvet and I love your chairs, Jen! Congrats on scoring those premium chairs, the design and wood color are mid-century modern chic at its best. No other fabric than velvet would have done them justice. That sumptuous salmon velvet plays beautifully with the wall color and your rug. I’m so happy you threw caution to the wind!

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