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DIY spray paint gold leaf wreath

Hello everyone! I’m Alice W. from Thoughts from Alice, and I am sharing a quick and easy fall gold leaf wreath today. This wreath is versatile enough to go from early fall all the way through Thanksgiving. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I get so excited to decorate my home for it. I especially love creating my own decor pieces that don’t cost much and take little time. I am a busy mom of a 2 and 3 year old, so my time is very limited, which makes projects like these so enjoyable. I finished it during their afternoon nap!

DIY gold leaf wreath #fallcrafts #goldleaves #leafcraft

I like to think ahead with my seasonal decor, so I had Thanksgiving on my mind when I made this wreath.

Here is a list of supplies and tools that I used:
-Straw wreath available at craft stores
-Several dried leaves in a variety of sizes (or faux if you prefer)
-Metallic gold spray paint
-Glue gun
DIY gold leaf wreath #fallcrafts

My three year old daughter and I had collected several leaves from our yard to make projects with, which had all dried out. I selected ones that were in good shape and as flat as possible.

Metallic spray paint project with gold leaves

Next, I laid out a drop cloth on my back patio and sprayed the backs of all them with metallic gold spray paint. Once the backs dried, I flipped them all over and sprayed the fronts.

Pretty leaf spray painted gold

The paint dried very quickly, so they were ready to use!

Golden leave with spray paint #fallcrafts #spraypaintcrafts

I started by gluing one leaf down and then another slightly on top of the previous one and kept going all the way around in that manner.

Pretty gold leaves spray painted

As I was gluing the leaves, I was careful to vary the sizes so as not too have too many large or small ones in a row. The paint gives the dried leaves some strength, so they weren’t as brittle, but I was still careful with placing them, so they didn’t tear or break.

Spray painted maple leaves look so pretty!

Once all of the leaves were in place, it still needed a little something more to finish it off, so I started by adding three brown feathers on the inside. I purchased the feathers at a craft store and they were relatively inexpensive. I simply pushed the pointed ends into the straw wreath in a placement that I liked.

Feathers add a nice adornment to a fall wreath

Then to finish it off completely, I hot glued two acorns near the bottom. So easy!

Great Fall display woth gold leaf wreath

This wreath is prefect if you prefer a more neutral autumn and Thanksgiving style for your decor. It could grace the front door to greet your guests, but would also look great indoors in a fall vignette or above a mantel.

Great Fall front porch display #Falldecor #fall decorating
Golden wreath as a door accent

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and give this wreath a try!

I recently shared my fall home tour on my own blog and would love to have you come for a visit!

Fall home tour


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Till next time…
~Alice W.


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