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Spray Painted Spooky Tree Halloween Decor

When my mom lost her Contorted Filbert tree in her backyard, she asked me if I wanted the branches. Of course, I jumped at the chance to take the naturally twisty branches. I knew I would find some kind of purpose to use them for. I recently had to create a Halloween mantel, and I knew they would be the perfect addition to make spray painted spooky Halloween decor out of!  I used my HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer to easily paint them and give them their creepy look.

Contorted Filbert branches spray painted and paper bats on a Halloween mantel idea

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The Contorted Filbert, aka Harry Launder’s Walking Stick, aka European Filbert is a really cool shrub that has super twisty and misshapen branches. They can grow to about 10 feet tall where I am, but often times die before they get any bigger.

Painting twisty branches for spray paint Halloween decor

I used my HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer and black craft paint to help transform my ordinary branches into spooky trees.

Spray painting branches black for holiday decor

It made it easy to paint the branches, because I could tip the sprayer to get in all of the hidden crevices and places that were oddly-shaped.

Spray painting branches black for spooky decor

I turned the branches over a few times to make sure I covered the entire thing. It was also helpful to adjust the nozzle to use a smaller spray pattern, so there isn’t a ton of paint waste with overspray.

Spray paint pumpkins black

While I was waiting for my branches to dry, I decided to try painting some small pumpkins.

Pumpkins spray painted black

They actually turned out kind of cool. If I was going to leave them outside, I would actually paint with an outdoor paint instead of a craft paint.

Spooky painted branches for Halloween

The branches were the perfect addition and it was easy to make spray painted Halloween decor! To get the branches to stand, I assembled the branches by screwing painted craft squares into the base with a screw.

Bats and spray painted branches

If you want to see the entire mantel you can see this post here.

You can see how I made the haunted house canvas here, and grab the templates for the house and bats here, along with a free printable.


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