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DIY ugly Christmas sweater trophy

I don’t often do a DIY project where I giggle through the entire thing,but I did making this ugly Christmas sweater trophy.

Make an ugly Christmas sweater trophy out of a thrift store trophy

Sometimes it’s fun making something you can just make ugly on purpose. I know Ugly Christmas sweater parties are really hot right now. I’ve  seen soem really great ideas on making them. Some are so clever I think they need something special for the winner!

I always find vintage trophies at the thrift stores.

upcycled vintage thrift store trophy to ugly Christmas sweater trophy

I thought this would be a fun opportunity to turn one into a “major award” (What movie?What movie? Three points if you know!) for an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Make a funny DIY ugly Christmas sweater trophy out of a thift store find with paint and pipe cleaners!

The first thing I had to do was give her an ugly Christmas sweater with enamel paint and gold pipe cleaners.

Upcyc;ed trophy into an ugly Christmas sweater trophy

Then she got a  pair of black glittered shoes and red socks with a pipe cleaner top.

Fun and festive DIY upcycled trophy to Ugly Christmas sweater trophy

Then she had the perfect hand position to announce the winner. I don’t know what this trophy was originally for, she didn’t come with anything in her hands. Tennis? pole vault?

World's ugliest Christmas sweater award made from a trift store trophy

I painted the base white and added some jingle bells to really jack up the gaudy factor. I have this printable for you if you want to make your own.

World ugliest Christmas sweater award printable

I’m telling you. MAJOR AWARD.

DIY Ugly Christmas sweater trophy

Who would not love to take this home?

This was just one of those things that was super fun to make and I think would be super fun to get too.

The rules should be the winner has to display it in a prominent place until next year. Ha ha.

Funny DIY ugly Christmas sweater party trophy idea

I’m telling you…MAJOR AWARD.

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  1. Great trophy! You did a really good job dressing her up. She looks poised to throw a javelin.
    I’ll take a photo of my sweater even though it won’t win because is so cute. lol

  2. Oh man, I wish I had time to do this before next week, but my list is longer than my arm! I’m hosting my family, and it’s our first ugly sweater event. I may just have to MAKE time. Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas!

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