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Upcycling Old Trophies with Spray Paint

Do you have old trophies? I know I do. The thing is, what do you do with an old trophy? Revamping and upcycling old trophies with spray paint is a great way to  give them new life.

Upcycling vintage trophies by painting them with spray paint

I was on speech team in high school my senior year. I never won a first place trophy; but I did win a ton of second and third place medals. They always said I was too dramatic to win first.. go figure….. The first time I won a trophy was at a fireman’s golf outing. I won for highest score… which in golf  I guess is not such a good thing; it actually means I had the worst score out of the 150 people who played. However, I did get a trophy and those other losers who had better scores didn’t. Ha. 🙂  I came across  a slew of these at the thrift store and  I thought it would be such a cute and updated idea for a boys room to upcycle them with a couple of cans of spray paint.

There’s very minimal prep to painting old trophies

Just use a multi-purpose spray meant for all kind of surfaces like plastic and metal. It’s easy to place a drop cloth underneath and then just spray it on all of the sides. Let dry and add a second coat if needed.

Upcycling vintage trophies for home decor
When upcycling old trophies with spray paint, you could also do these in a girl’s room with pastel colors, or as sporting event center pieces too. You could even do them as an birthday party, or for an athletic couples wedding center pieces and glitter the heck out of them. Glitter makes everything better. I made one into an ugly sweater contest award.
Vintage Trophy upcycle
I also turned some into table place card settings. I always find these for super cheap, and when I say super cheap, I mean under $2 each. It would be very easy to build a decorative collection of upcycled painted trophies.
Spray painting old trophies for upcycling
 How cute as a shelf display or as a set of bookends?
Batter up!

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and I want to extend special thank you to Kelly at Eclectically Vintage for featuring my home in a tour this weekend! She’s so sweet!

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  1. Love your idea to use the painted trophies as bookends. I think my father-in-law still is still holding on to my hubby’s trophies from childhood … could be nice memories brought current. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Hey Jen… Love the trophies!
    Did some a few years back using the primaries! Glossy Red, Blue, Yellow… added White and Black too!
    Ended up selling them on Etsy to Tommy Hilfigers photo stylist!
    I have been looking for them in their ads ever since!… They look so cute in the colors you chose and the glitter idea would be so fun too!

  3. Love these – what a great idea for all sorts of knickknacks. What brand of spray paint did you use. I have been having a hard time finding good colors beside neon orange and green at Lowes.


  4. I saw this on Design By Novogratz a while back and was I IN LOVE!!! After seeing yours I think I need to dig out some of my old trophies and spray paint them for my son and daughter’s room!

  5. This is the cutest, CUTEST idea! I am so glad I peeked at this tonight. My daughter has a bag of trophies (all participation trophies) from the sports she did when she was younger. They are in a grocery bag up in her closet. She and I haven’t wanted to let them go, but they look silly in her almost 16 year old uber cool bedroom. She needs something fun and surprising to combat some of the teen angst we are dealing with. I am pulling them all out tomorrow to paint in bright colors. I can’t believe I have missed your blog! I think we have many of the same bloggy friends. Can’t wait to see what else you have your creative sleeves. Thanks for sharing the goodness. -K

  6. My kids are starting to accumulate these and I love the idea of spray painting them to make them more cohesive and less of an eyesore 🙂 Thanks for the great tip – pinning!

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