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Easy and naturally pretty DIY Oak leaf wreath

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I am so thrilled to be sharing this easy Natural Oak Leaf Wreath with you all today!
DIY oak leaf wreath

Natural and beautful oak leaf wreath
I think this is the perfect autumn craft for your Thanksgiving décor.This oak leaf wreath make a great natural accent
Here are the supplies you’ll need:  hole punch, pliers with wire cutter, wire (thick floral wire would work well), and fallen and dried oak leaves.
Supplies to ake an oak leaf wreath
Simply cut a length of wire and form it into your desired wreath shape.  Punch a hole in the center of each leaf (you can stack several at a time). I find it made the project go faster and ripped less leaves to punch them first. When they are punched just thread them on the wire form.
Easy oak leaf wreath
Once the wreath was to my desired fullness I used the pliers to twist the end of the wire to secure.  You can see that I left a gap in the leaves where the ends meet.
Oak leaf wreath made with wire
I used that gap to accommodate a thick, grosgrain ribbon.
 Pretty and natural oak leaf wreath
I hung the wreath from a mirror on my dining room gallery wall and set my sideboard up for late autumn.
Pretty Fall display with natural wreath


Pretty, neutral Fall display
This is truly one of my favorite times of the year!


Pretty Fall wreath made with Oak leaves


I welcome you all over to my blog to check out all the other autumn decorating ideas that I have!
Fall display


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    1. We have both here in the northeast, but I gravitated towards the oak. Either would be perfect, though!

      Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  1. I love this idea!
    But we’ve raked all the leaves to the curb and the city has scooped them up and taken them away– :’ (
    I’m pinning this to do next year–so cOOl!

    1. Thanks, Catherine. Don’t tell, but I have no oak trees in my yard…I picked them up elsewhere (and yes, anyone who saw probably thought I was crazy)

      Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

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