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Creatively Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

I found a few more picture to share with you that I had edited out of my book Creatively Christmas! I am also excited to share the news with you that it completely sold out of the first printing and they have ordered a second printing! If you are waiting for your copy it is supposed to ship later this week ( I was told by the publisher) and the second printing is due next week.Even though Amazon says out of stock, you can still order and it will ship as soon as they get it, before Thanksgiving. In the USA you can also find it at Barnes and Noble, and Costco. In Canada ,Costco and Barnes and Noble, and in the UK Amazon.There is a Kindle version too,and I know it reads well on a full size laptop, or iPad, but I think some of the pictures would be hard to see on a smaller reader. I’ll also be at Vintage Fresh this weekend in Downtown Downers Grove,IL for a book signing and stencil class. I would love to see you there and have you in class! Here are some more pictures from the book I had to edit out. For one reason or another, they just didn’t work. The home tour chapters only allowed for about 25 pictures of various sizes. I thought they would b great to show you in the upcoming weeks for some Creatively Christmas Home Decorating ideas.

Mantel display with ceramic deer head and wrapped presents

While I loved this picture, I didn’t show the rest of the room and for some reason, it just didn’t flow. It was such a pretty, neutral Christmas decorating picture. I do love the ribbon around the deer head, and the wrapped packages.

Fun fur stocking and present

This is the bottom part of the cabinet. It was such a great cabinet with this rustic stocking filled with wrapped gifts! If you look in the book you can see how there are so many more great pictures in the rest of the house.

rustic shabby room with vintage architechtural accents

This is the rest of the room. While it’s a great room, In every shot, you could see my black out, white board because I forgot to move the curtain to cover it.This was the last room I shot after a full day and I think I was too tired to notice.My bad. I do love how cute the star pillow is on the couch.

Pretty pears in cermic bowl and boxwood wreath

This was a close up vignette of an entire shot of the beautiful kitchen that’s in the book. I LOVED this picture, and it was a fun shot to style,but I just couldn’t add it in.

vintage mirror with boxwood accent

This was another pretty picture. I love the mini-boxwood on that great vintage mirror, but again, just didn’t make the cut! I’ll keep going through my thousands of pictures and see what I can show you that didn’t make it. It’s kind of fun to go back through all the pictures and see everything I did. I forgot about a lot of them!

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