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Easy Line Fill Abstract Art

Before I show you our big patio reveal, I wanted to share this fun project for making easy line fill abstract art. I think sometimes people get intimidated to create abstract art, when it’s really as simple as drawing a few lines and painting them in. This abstract art project just uses a few supplies. I have to admit, it’s a pretty relaxing, no pressure painting technique.  I remember doing a painting project like this in grade school with crayons, and thought it was pretty cool then. I have a video of the process or you can jump to the DIY below.

Easy LIne Fill Abstract Art DIY



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I love an easy art DIY, such as this abstract art technique with a paint scraper. To create this project, you’ll need a canvas (any size you want, you can easily go big on this one!), a light colored watercolor pencil (the lines will dissolve when you paint), and acrylic paint. This can be either craft paint or art paint. With thinner craft paint, two coats may be needed for a solid look. You can find supplies here.

Use a watercolor pencil to create easy abstract art

Start by free handing crazy watercolor pencil lines all over your canvas. When I say crazy, I mean crazy. In fact, make sure to cross lines and pencil marks go over each other. This will create a unique pattern to paint. No rules, just let the pencil lines flow.

Colors to create abstract art

Using a light colored watercolor pencil for this project is great, because the pencil lines will dissolve into the paint and disappear unlike a regular graphite pencil that might bleed through.

Paint and create easy abstract art using a grade school technique

Once your lines are done, use your acrylic paint to paint in the spaces between the lines on your easy line fill abstract art. I ended up using about 6 different colors. If you want it to coordinate with your decor, feel free to use some of your wall color as well. I love the flexibility of this project, because you can go really colorful, or you can keep it monotone, or even do a color gradient.

Paint in lines to create easy abstract art

This is also a really fun project for kids, and really doable for almost any age. Replace the paints with crayons or washable markers, and even the littles can do it.

Easy LIne Fill Abstract Art DIY

If you do a huge piece, I would love to see it! I think this is just such a fun way to create beautiful art!