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Paver Patio Styling and Decorating

The best part of getting rid of the old deck is the paver patio styling and decorating. The old deck was so junky looking, it just wasn’t fun to even try to make look half way decent anymore. I gave into temptation and bought a new chair and table set for the patio. It looked so nice, it seemed like it was almost a shame to put our old furniture back on it!

Studio Mcgee patio furniture and Project 62 Rattan loungers

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Here’s a little walk up video of the patio from our lavender pathway.

I ended up buying a set of  Southport Club Chair by Opalhouse. I bought the set of two and now I wish I had bought the set of 4, or at least the matching loveseat.

Large scale paver stone patio

They are so pretty, and comfy. I almost bought this set, but the Southport won. This amazing outdoor table by Studio McGee might come inside for the winter it’s so awesome. I lave that this table can be used outdoor or in.

Studio Mcgee outdoor table wood look table
I added some potted plants to the ledge of the new step. They had been overwintering in our downstairs bathroom and seemed very happy to finally make it outside.

Rattan lounger chair with white cushions for outside

I love the natural look of the rattan against all of the greenery and stone. After the patio was put down, we mulched behind it right away. it has been so hot and dry that it kept creating a fine layer of dust on everything. The mulch has definitely helped that.

Fern and hardy fig in pots fro patio decor

With the patio styling and decorating, I really wanted it to feel like an outdoor living room. We’ve been in our home long enough that everything we planted years ago has finally grown in and made our yard feel private and secluded even though we are in the middle of a subdivision.

Wooded paver patio idea
Sitting outside in the evening is one of our favorite summer things to do. Luckily, we missed the huge cicada load this year so it’s not as noisy as it could be. We hung these solar powered string lights for an evening glow. They are the same kind we used in our gazebo area.

Patio decor idea with bamboo rattan chairs

I gave the marble top table a makeover too. I’ll be sharing with you how I did it. It was so easy, and it goes so much better with our new patio and furniture. I can’t tell you ho much I love the new paver patio. I really love the large scale of the blocks, and how it seamlessly blends into our backyard. I am kind of glad wood prices are so high, otherwise we would have just put another deck up and called it a day. I love this so much more.


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