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Embellish a Dresser with a Cricut

I  am so excited  to share with you how I contributed  to transforming the space into a dreamy and fun bedroom and how I transformed and how to embellish a dresser with a Cricut and other designers! This is such a fun way to give a bedroom a fun new look!

Cricut and hayneedle bedroom

The first step was  coming up with a design  that would work with the rustic industrial style of the furniture that would also enhance the awesome dresser. By using vinyl, it’s removable and can be changed out. We all used our Cricut to come up with fun ways to make the room fresh and new! I think faux bone inlay designs make any items feel fancier, like this stenciled jewelry box.

Faux inlya look with Cricut vinyl

A faux inlay feels expensive and I knew it would look so good on this dresser. It. really reminds me of handmade and artisan  style piece of furniture. A vine pattern I found in the Cricut work space was the right pattern for an inlay feel. I used the silver vinyl on the 12 x 24 inch cutting mat, a pair of scissors and the weeding tool to create my design.

Cricut vine design pattern for inlay dresser

This is such an easy project to add such a beautiful detail! I decided on using the silver vinyl because I thought that would work the best for the look we  were going for, though I think gold foil, bronze or even copper foil would be beautiful as well!

By measuring the edge of the dresser I decided to make the inlay about an inch wide. After I had  the size I wanted, I used the Cricut Explore Air 2 on the 12 x 24 inch mat to cut out the design. I then used the weeder tool to remove the excess vinyl from around the edges.

Add vinul cut out around the edges to embellish dresser

 I did find it works better to pull the excess vinyl away carefully. You can also use the transfer tape to move the image as well.Don’t rush of you could end up ripping a few vines.   To make sure I placed my vine as straight as possible, I drew a line on in pencil.

Vinuyl embellished dresser for custom look

At the edges, I trimmed and matched them up. I decided to keep my vines leaves going in the same direction as I moved around the dresser.

Hayneedle dresser embellished with cricut vinyl

The finished project ended up looking amazing! I think it really adds a nice, creative touch and highlights the beautiful wood with an embellished dresser with a Cricut. The room was styled beautifully and really looks amazing!