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Make an easy flower box from a wood CD crate…..

I found these CD cases boxes at JoAnn’s for about $8 a piece. I don’t really buy too many CD’s any more,but I thought they would be really cute as easy flower boxes.
 I also had some of these mini-chalkboard on hand. I think I picked them up around Christmas time to put on gifts and never used them.
I had some spray paint left over from another project.
I just gave the entire box top and bottom 2-3 coats of paint and glued the mini-chalkboard onto the crate. 
I put about 3 recycled jars on each side and added some heirloom roses from my yard.
 I think I am going to buy some more and hang them along my fence. They should last at least a season or two.
 The roses smell amazing, even though the thorns are wicked sharp.

We’ll take a break this week from FCF. I am going to be a part of The Shabby Creek’s Summer tour of homes tomorrow!
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  1. Love this Jen!Congratulations on being a part of the home tour.Can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful homes!

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