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Moody and Creative Market Retail Display at The Nada Farm Sale May 2010

The sale was amazing. and bananas.And bananas was the closet thing I can say to what it was without swearing. This blank metal barn that was shown below was completed transformed into Moody and Creative Market Retail Display featuring a bakery inspired by Marie Antionette and an entranceway inspired by Dennis Severs (an artist who created a house with rooms that were like historical themed museums.), and a barn hay headboard. The entire thing together was a special kind of visual magic.

Empty barn before

Old glass shower doors and shelving in a gravel filled horse barn, creating a wall to build a room out of.

Transformed barns with decor and fabric

and turned it into this amazing Marie Antionette inspired bakery.

a french patisserie,

with it’s own Marie Antoinette mascot, made from coffee filters and fabric. All thrifted. The entrance became what was called
the “Dennis Severs” area all with botanical and “manly type” things.

Angela did this amazing faux work behind it and also did a lot of the planning and setting up with Anne Marie.

Once Joy brought in all of here amazing things and her mad styling skills, My things were added and a touch here and there, it all came together; the rooms, the mood, the fabulous people.
And who would’ve thought that an ordinary stack of hay

could be turned into a Parisian bedroom with Angela’s touches?

I can’t wait for the next one! We had people from all over including those who came from Minnesota and St. Louis.
There’s more pictures to come!
I have over 200 I have to sort through and more to share of the people we met as well.

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  1. Everything looks great so far. Tracey at French Larkspur posted some pics also and they look fantastic. I wish that I lived closer! I am going to wear my pouty face all day now.

  2. THANK YOU!!!! I lost all photographs of before pics when the computer crashed! omg – seriously so thankful you took them……..

    great photos Jen….seriously great – and you my friend are just one of the coolest chicks to visit the farm

  3. So why do I have such a hard time just deciding what goes where in my living room? Maybe it’s the hay bales I’m needing.

  4. yes, the hay was the ticket!

    …thank you Jen for your organizational skills and your abilities wielding a paint brush ….the sale was complete when your peacock chair took its place among the wares … i am SO sorry I have no pictures of you leading the sales team on Saturday

    …you are a pleasure to treasure

  5. Hi there,
    It really all looks amazing. It was me who posted about Dennis Sever’s house and Anne Marie said that she was going to pay homage to him !! What a fantastic job she has done. I can’t wait to see more. XXXX

  6. It’s so cool to see the before and after pictures. Especially after being there in person, seeing how incredible it really was. You gals have some crazy inspiring skills.

    I loved it all and really loved meeting everyone. I can’t wait for the Fall!

    Blessings… Polly

  7. It was so great to see you again, Jennifer. It was an amazing event, so beautifully done. Your hand painted pillows and chairs are pieces of art. I was so happy with the treasures I brought home, and look forward to your next event! Love, Penny

  8. Hi Jen! You girls have sooooooooo much talent, I was truly blown away when I entered that barn!!!! Just so incredible! And dang girl, you looked like a model! Definitely wear that dress to the FC party!!! I’m so glad we are going to get to hang out together there…you are such a doll!!!

    Hugs ~

    🙂 T

  9. thanks for the before and after shots jen. really helps to see all the work that was done. the place was just amazing. i wanted to crawl right into the little bed and stay with you gals all weekend.

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