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Handmade goods for The Nada Farm sale….

I am nervous, excited and doing the last minute “run around like a chicken dance”, but I was able to take some pictures of some of my goodies for you. My awesome friend, Anne, has the kids for me so I can get those last bits finished up.
Oh, and if you are coming to shop, feel free to bring shopping bags to donate. We are going green and reusing!
pillows jen
pillows jen 2I have hand-made and hand-painted pillows.

I love frames.

Some very cool chicken wire frames. I am going to use them also to display my prints for sale.

And some re-purposed clothing.

Like this horse print skirt

I love adding little touches and making them new again.
Jennifer Rizzo
Repurposed art.

Mixed media collage and canvases.

Hand painted canvases.
Jennifer Rizzo canvas bag
And canvas bags….
chalkboard cutting board
And a fun way to use chalkboard paint on a cutting board!!!
See you on Monday with pictures and stories! I am heading out early tomorrow morning. It’s been raining out, so please pray for us that the sun comes out and we have gorgeous weather! 🙂
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  1. Love your creative pieces of art and wearable pieces are fun and creative.

    Will be back soon…come check out my sanctuary sign with hand painted bird I did it goes with your site name 🙂

    See you soon


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