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Head Shot Photo Shoot

Most days I run around like a complete wreck. I spend my days in sweat pants, ripped jeans, and clothing with splooges of paint on them. In fact most of my clothing has some kind of art medium ground into the fabric.There are many days my friends will give me  a knowing look when they glance at my clothes during after school pick up and say “Working in your studio again?”
So basically, I walk around looking 95% of the time like a hobo who paints. I splurged a bit a bought a cute maxi-dress from Old Navy (which was perfect for the 100+ degree day we had.)and a new chapeau (hat) from Modcloth for the Fourth of July and I thought  I might actually show you I can dress like  normal person once in a while. My hubby was a good sport and we took some pictures in our backyard for a Head Shot Photo shoot for me.. It was kind of awkward being in front the camera for once, but kind of fun. I hammed a few up a bit  and we also took a few nicer ones so I could have something decent for my profile picture. My middle also snapped a few pictures at her level and she did a pretty good job too!
Jennifer Rizzo in a hat
I like these two.
Jennifer Rizzo in a  hat outside
Jennifer Rizzo photo shoot
Hamming it up…
Jennifer Rizzo outside in a hat and sunglasses
 Nice bucket hat. It was fun to play around a bit and pretend to be a model for a little while.
Jennifer Rizzo hat and dress outside


Blue and aqua dress


Jennifer Rizzo smiling


Woman Laughing and holding onto a hat


Woman leaning over and smiling
I think I like this one the nest out of all of them.
Woman smiling in a hat outside


Woman smiling in a hat
I hope you had a great 4th!

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  1. Jen,
    Pretty dress!You are so cute!Love that hat too.I was checking out one of those hats in Geneva Wisconsin.Cute French shop.I did not buy it that day I saw it but I am going back.I love hats in the summer.

  2. Haha, these are darling- you are just adorable. And it’s good to know that other people live their lives in jeans with holes and shirts covered in paint. Last week I got asked if I was bleeding (red paint) 🙁 haha. Love love love that darling outfit and hat 🙂

  3. You’re so naturally pretty. I love your new pic — it’s my fave. I loooooove the fabric of your dress. The style is very flattering on you as well. I can’t wear that kind though because the puckering on the top makes my boobs itch (lol). Robyn

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