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Decorate with Faux Plants That Look Real

Plants are super popular right now. I am a crazy plant lady myself, my house is filled with all kinds of greenery. However, for lots of reasons live plants aren’t always the best choice. Allergies, pets, little kids, and plants that are just a little too needy, or hard to care for are all good reasons against having real plants. Some people travel and don’t want to care for them, and honestly, I have some design clients who love the look of plants, but it’s just not in their wheelhouse to have to care for living plants. And that’s ok! Luckily now, they make such amazing fakes.. sorry…faux plants, that it’s easy to add some faux plants that look real to your decorating, and no one will know!


The Best Real Looking Faux Plants to Decorate With

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More than often than not, many of my design projects include a mix of faux and real plants. Lots of times my clients will use faux plants, dip their toes in the water with a Pothos or two, and then suddenly have a whole bunch of real and fake greenery (the real trick is remembering which one to water.), or like I do, a living plant wall.

Living plant wall on a black wall

Some of the trendiest plants right now are Olive trees. They are a beautiful tree, and even though they can be grown indoors for a while, you need to have a really strong southern light exposure. If you don’t they are going to languish and drop leaves like crazy. My own Ethel is much happier outside than she was inside.

Olive tree as in indoor house plant

I love this faux olive tree from Target. It’s over 76 inches tall and has a  nice, full look.  This smaller version at 37 inches is perfect for smaller spaces or even tabletop in larger homes.

For a more earthy, tropical look. Go with an artificial Yucca,  a 72″ faux Traveler’s Banana tree, or even a faux Dracaena.

 When we talk about more silvery or classic foliage. There’s always the traditional and popular Faux Fiddleleaf Fig, and recently a client added an artificial Weeping Eucalyptus to her home, and it really makes a statement.

Finally, I came across a faux Indian Tree Spurge plant. I was really intrigued because it was a plant that was unfamiliar to me. After a little Google, it turns out it’s a tropical plant that exudes a poisonous latex-like substance that can cause temporary blindness, so in this case, faux is probably a much better option.

Adding a few faux plants that look real are a great way to add a natural look to your decor without worrying about having a green thumb, and these are a great start!