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Living Room Makeover with Plants

I’ve been working on a design project at the Hillcrest House. This home has a beautiful, stately feel. Built over 10 years ago, it had some of the design trends of the time such as pillars at the room transitions,  Oaky floors, and  deep wood cabinets.  When we had our consultation, one of the things the homeowners wanted to do was update the space and make it feel more modern, but keep their furniture and traditional style. We ended up doing some impactful updating such as picking a new floor color for the amber-colored wood floors, removing the pillars, and wait until  you see how we changed the kitchen! I wanted to share with you first the simplest change  ( and super budget friendly) we made so far which was a Living Room Makeover with Plants.  it’s seems so timely since I just posted about the best looking faux plants.

Tradional living room before adding plants


The Hillcrest House has an amazing front living room with natural light, and beautiful windows. No drapes or curtains required here! It seemed like such a natural thing for me to suggest that we make it feel like an English conservatory with plants. Nothing else was really brought into the space that wasn’t already there. The clients picked out some lamps they liked for reading, and moved art they already had, and shifted the piano. They also moved their beautiful marble top, side accent able to become the coffee table,  but for the most part, the biggest addition was lots and lots of living greenery. The clients picked out their own plants, and did an amazing job!

Traditional Living room with Conservatory style

It just goes to show you that sometimes, you have enough stuff in your house, you just need to add a bit of life!  When I decorate, even though most plants are thought of as a color (admit it, when I talk about plants, you see the color green.), I consider plants to be a neutral, having no effect on the color scheme at all. They also have another benefit,they clean your air and have been even thought of to help boost your mood.

Bright traditional living room with plants and wign back chairs

If you’re thinking about adding real plants into your decor, some of my favorite plants that are easy to care for, low maintenance and don’t hate you when you forget to water them are Pothos and Sanseveria. Much better than those high-maintenance, I kill them every time cousins…succulents.

Living room makeover with plants on a budget

If you’re looking to change up your space, consider adding faux or real plants. The old-time people with their fancy conservatories had the right idea! For other decorating with plants ideas check out this post  and this post.