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Beautiful Plate Display Walls

Yes, you can add vintage dish-ware like plates and mugs to my hoarding collecting tendencies of dishtowels and pillows. I have been secretly coveting  a plate wall for a few months now. I’ve been stashing away inspiration photos while I have been quietly hoarding  collecting vintage and new plates to hang up. I am going to use them replace my vintage silver lids on my nook wall.If you love vintage plates you would also love to see my spring inspired plate wall and how I mix and match vintage china for every day.
These are some Beautiful Plate Display Walls.
Plate wall decorated

I adore this one that 79 ideas featured by Kim Timmerman
Plate wall by adventures in dressmaking
This one from Adventures in Dressmaking is beautiful. Do you want to know how to hang plates since they have a smooth back? Check out this post.
Lettered cottage plate wall
Layla always has a great eye and just knows how to put things together just right. I love how she put their initials on there and even threw a bowl in for interest.What do you say Layla, do you want to come over for some coffee and hang out, and you can help me arrange my plates?
Cottage and vine ironstone plate wall
I also liked this all white ironstone version from Cottage and Vine. The layout is so pretty and symmetrical, I wouldn’t be able to do something so perfect like that.
At home on the bay plate wall
I love how Mary at At Home on the Bay mixed and matched all kinds of styles,sizes and patterns. They are just so gorgeous and I love all of her different plates.
A pretty life plate wall
 And at A Pretty Life I love the colors and bold patterns! There is something so fun about it and the way her plates are arranged.
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Plate wall with new and vintage mixed china

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  1. OH how pretty! In my pre-blogging days (and a few moves ago) I had a plate wall in my kitchen, oh and one in our dining room the move after that. They are so fun and yes, they can definitely add just the perfect pop of color to an area! So what types of plates do you typically collect? Flowers around the edges, sprinkled across the center, delicate flowers, big bold designs? Have a wonderful day and I can hardly wait to see what you do!

  2. I love displaying plates as art!And all those photos are great inspiration!Hmmm I may have to hold on to some of my old dishes 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what you do with your collection.

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Ohhhhhhh love the plate walls. I have a wall in my new dining room that I did not know what to do with now you have given me some inspiration!! I may have to use my vintage plates to dazzle that wall up!!! Thanks for the inspiration. I still love your lid wall too.

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