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Rediscovered Treasures Jewelry Workshop

I had the honor last week of having an amazing group of women come to my house for a rediscovered treasures jewelry workshop and learn the basics of making jewelry. Most of these women hadn’t done much with jewelry at all and they all left with beautiful and unique completed pieces. I was so proud of them!
Remade jewelry with vintage peices and earrings

I was so honored to host them and let them explore taking old pieces of jewlery they had on hand and creating something new and beautiful with it. I hope to host many more of these!
Container of vintage jewelry parts and beads

I had many basic supplies and tools on hand for them to use. They brought old earring and necklaces that were either broken or were out of style the way there were. A few women brought family pieces that they wanted to make wearable.

Jewelry making supplies

I had some vintage earrings and broken pieces and extra beads on hand in case they needed some filler pieces.

VIntage earrings to be made into new jewelry pieces

I also provided the tools, they just need to show up and have a few snacks!

Jewelry tools

The house was all set up and ready to go. I wanted to make sure they had enough table space to spread out and work.

Workshop set up at home

I gave everyone basic guidelines and instruction and let them work.Jewelry making class

I love how some people even added in  fun elements such as buttons!

Using buttons in jewelry making

It was so much fun and everyone made beautiful pieces!

Jewelry making class

They created such gorgeous and wearable works of art!

rediscovered treasures jewelry workshop

It was so much fun to see their jewelry  creations!

Handmade jewelry peices from vintage  on a woman with pretty reddish brown hair

The class was so much fun! The necklaces were gorgeous and we had such a good time!

Vintage jewelry making class wmen standing togethr in a house wearing handmade in a rediscovered treasures jewelry workshop
By the end of class they were wire-wrapping like champs! And they all made amazing custom pieces for themselves. Ladies, thank you so much for coming! I really enjoyed our time together. I can’t wait for the next rediscovered treasures jewelry workshop!
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  1. Oh WoW! What lucky friends you have! What a wonderful way to spend time with friends! I have always wanted to do this…but I have no jewellery making friends. What an awesome talent to share with friends!

  2. I am going to have to sign up if you have another class. It looks like everyone had a great time and made some beautiful jewelry too. Not too crafty or talented but I bet with your help I could have even made a beautiful necklace!

  3. Wish I lived closer…I’d have loved to learn these techniques with you.

    And I love how you were able to do this in your newly created studio area!

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