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Autumn Decorating Ideas from Bloggers

I have to admit it. Today it was in the 70’s, but the leaves are just beginning to turn, and the air had that “Fall” smell. You know, the one with the mixture of fresh cut grass and loamy earth, with the dryness of crunchy leaves. I love this time of year. I wanted to share a few Autumn Decorating ideas from Bloggers that I just adore. I was looking around a bit and found these inspirational Fall ideas, just in time to make me want to re do mine. I am  repainting in the living room this week, so it has to wait just  a little bit; but I can’t wait to get the pumpkins and gourds and all kinds of Fall things going! Fall decor can be as simple as placing a few pumpkins around the kitchen window, or as creative as some of these ideas below.
Fall kitchen sink with pumpkins as decor

Photo galrland over a window with a brown toile chair and fall decor
Like this gorgeous autumn decorating by Dear Lillie. I am secretly jealous. My house is never that clean that I could actually shoot from room to room and not have to kick a pair of underwear or some Barbie’s out of the way. I love the idea of this Fall photo banner with all of mu favorite pictures of my kids from earlier fall days.
fireplace with branches in vases and pears and a mirror
Kelly Elko ‘sfall mantel has me ready to rip everything off of mine and completely restyle it. I love the reflection of her light fixture in the mirror. So.So. Cool. The branches inside of the clear glass vases with the moss at the bottom really gives a fall vibe in a natural way.
The old painted cottage fall mantel with silver and black
And I adore that touch of black and silver with the framed old letter and the silver ice bucket used to hold old documents  at The Old Painted Cottage. I also have that vintage pageant picture and I never would have though to use it that way!  I just love how it comes together.
Are you ready to decorate for fall?  How about adding leaves as table decor, or setting a fall table with handmade place cards and feathers? What are your favorite elements?

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  1. Fall is my favorite season but no matter what time of year it is, I’m always stepping over undies and toys too! Thanks for sharing my mantel – it’s the only uncluttered spot in my house!

  2. Jen you crack me up with your comment about the barbies!!!!! Ha my girls are both grown and I miss the toys everywhere. I just saw a cute picture on pinterest where Barbie was in her car with the elf on the shelf!!!! Loved it. Maybe you could incorporate your girls barbies with some pumkins!!!! Ha Ha!! Love all the inspiration.

  3. I am loving this weather, too, Jen! Soon it will be time to rake leaves and cover the garden.

    I love the first image, Dear Lillie…great blog. Seems simple is more this year!


  4. love Fall, it’s such a pretty time. my sweet dad has been doing things at our house for me and i just prettied up the porch. i’ll be sure to join the party next week!! have a great weekend! susan

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