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Get your Halloween decorating on from the Dollar store….

I love me some Dollar store Halloween decorating.It’s amazing what you can do with about $10.
All of the pumpkins are from our local Dollar store, even the ones that look real are fake. A bit of extra burlap for a table cloth and the table is ready to go. LOVE IT.
I go to the Dollar store a lot when I need to decorate.  You never know what you are going to find.It’s a bit of a treasure hunt between the really good stuff and the complete crapola.
Here are some of my decorations from previous years,
The bones are from the Dollar store, you gotta love a good skull. 🙂 And All of the metal pieces are from a garage sale.
There’s my contribution to the pretty your pumpkin party
The pumpkin heads aren’t from the dollar store, but they were about a dollar a piece.
Have a Boo-tiful Halloween weekend! I hope it’s not too chilling! 😮
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  1. I was just as bad about eating the tricksters candy too. Well me and the hubs. Ah life does get in the way when you have the best intentions doesn’t it.

    Love the tablecape! ~Ames

  2. I learned through baking Christmas cookies with them…kids don’t see things the way we do. They think a bag of candy is decorations!
    Cool tablescape.
    P.S. Answer the door to trick or treaters wearing the chocolate smudges on your face…that’s what I do…scares ’em everytime!

  3. we got no trick or treaters here so i don’t usually have much in the house before, it’s the after that gets me 🙂 i hope your project is coming along, don’t feel bad sometimes you can only do what you can do!! have a great weekend! susan

  4. Some years some holidays just get left behind….I have out a few crows and a jack-o-lantern, but most of my decor has been autumn decor, not Halloween. I remember being in my 20’s and throwing huge Halloween parties….now that is when I got nuts on the decorations, LOL!

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