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Hand stamped tile coasters

I found something fun at the hardware store the other day and I made some hand stamped tile coasters!Hubby thinks it’s funny that I refer to Home Depot as “the hardware” store like it’s 1945, as in “Goin’ the the hardware store Pa!”. Growing up in the Chicago ‘burbs,there weren’t any big box “home improvement” stores until the mid-1990’s. We just had some small, dark places with lots of peg board.The old men who worked there would  hobble over to you and would look at you with one eye open like you were stealing. There was a  smell like fertilizer, moth balls and old shoes (coming from the store, not the men…well, sometimes.), and never had the right screws in the correct bins.

hand stamped tile coasters info

I was in the tile aisle and I found these fun, octagon tiles as big as my hand. They were less than a dollar each! I thought they would make some fun hand stamped coasters. I had a ton of stamps and ink at home, I just needed the little felty things for the the back.

Octagon stamped tile coasters

 After washing my tiles and making sure they were clean and dry, I first used my large format stamps with my multi-purpose ink
to stamp my entire tile surface and let them dry.

Hand stamped tile coasters

These gold hand stamped tile coasters were so pretty like this, I almost left them, but I decided I wanted to add some color. While the ink was still a little dry, I removed a little  of it to add a distressed element.

Hand stamped coasters with permanent ink

After those completely dried, I stamped on top. Here’s where it gets tricky, if you don’t stamp straight up and down, it will smear and remove some of your base ink, and then you have to start All. The. Way. Over.

So the lesson here is to make sure you stamp exactly straight up and down.

Fun hand stamped tile coasters!

Let dry!

Fun hand stamped tile coasters

I then ran the stamp pads around the edge of the surface to add some fun color.

colorful octagon tile coasters

I like how they look stacked up with each other.

Add felt backs to your tile coasters

Once they are dry, you can add some sticky pads on them to make sure they don’t scratch the surface you are putting them on. If you have little’s and are worried about chokey bits, you can buy adhesive cork sheets, that you cut to size and use those instead.

Hand stamped tile coasters

I love how the different tiles came out. Make sure to follow the directions on your ink to make sure when you can start using them so the ink doesn’t come off.

Fin hand stamped tile coasters with mulit surface ink

They look nice on my side table, an have held up pretty well so far.

Hand stamped tile coasters for yourself or for a gift!

Let’s be honest,I am going to be the only one using them around here any way, I’m lucky if I can get them to pick up a gum wrapper, let alone actually use  a coaster. It’ a good thing they also make a nice gift!

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  1. Cool project. How did you remove some of the Staz-on before the second layer was stamped? Also, did you seal with anything? Love the extra flair 🙂

    1. I just used a bit of damp paper towel and some elbow grease. I didn’t seal it, stazon is pretty good at being hard to remove.But the tiles were also matte. I bet shiny ones would need a sealer.

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