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Horton of Tipton’s part 1…beautiful holiday decor……

I’ve been down and out these last few days with the Norovirus. It ain’t pretty. So, I thought I would  show you something much prettier!
The sale at Horton of Tipton’s in Indiana.
 Styled at put together by the uber-talented Donna (who by the way has this amazing tinker house she built from old doors. You have to see it!).
  There was inspiration everywhere!
 And got me right in the holiday mood!
It’s fantastic already so far, isn’t it?
More to come!
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  1. Hello Jennifer, I’m writing from Italy and I have your same last name! Beautiful blog, I love the style of shabby chic and I like to turn everything I have with a few brushstrokes. See you soon!

  2. everything is so beautiful. i am so sad i missed it. great shots jen! oh yeah, love my sweater and pitcher. so excited when it came!!!

  3. Love the pictures! Where exactly is this store in Tipton?? I live in Frankfort and Tipton is not that far away. Feel better soon!

  4. It was so fun to see you, funny we have to get together in another state to see each other!
    Your pictures captured it beautifully
    Many Blessings

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