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How to Make a Custom Fall Wreath

You don’t have to be a floral designer to create a custom fall wreath, you can take regular plain wreaths and dress them up! With a hot glue gun, a few faux flowers and other embellishments, you can create beautiful works of art to add to your fall decorating! Check out these easy fall wreath projects below to get in the fall-making mode and create something beautiful for your home.


How to make a custom fall wreath

Tiffini from the house of belonging  created this gorgeous fall wreaths by taking a leaf wreath and gluing in pumpkins, faux white chrysanthemums, and gorgeous faux fall sprays.

Embellished custom fall wreath with faux flowers

Basic Fall wreaths are easy to customize with hot glue and faux flowers and stems. Use odd numbers of stems and embellishments varying between 3 and 9 count and stay in the same color palette for an organic feel.

Gold wreath made with colelted leaves and srpay paint

This wreath project was made with leaves made by Thoughts from Alice were collected from the yard and painted with gold spray paint. It’s a gorgeous and inexpensive way to create a custom wreath!

Make a wreath with watercolor book pages

Various bases for wreaths can be grapevine wreaths, Styrofoam rings, metal wreath forms, embroidery hoops, or basic plastic leaf or floral wreaths.

For a more seasonless wreath, use old book pages on a styrofoam ring to create something that you can leave up all year, and not just in fall. as made by Town and Country Living.  By cutting out Maple or Oak shaped leaves, it will feel even more fall-ish.

Fall wreath made from an embroidery hoop

Using an embroidery hoop as a base for this door wreath and some faux flowers and dried wheat stalks, a custom fall wreath is easy. Wood slices were used to spell out fall on this wreath, but it could also spell out a least name for a more personalized decor item.

Make a DIY paper leaf wreath for Fall Decorating for Free!

Made with paper and paint faux leaves glued to a grapevine wreath to bring in a fall feel that can be used year after year. This fall wreath project cost less than $10!

A custom fall wreath doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive! Even just spray painting an existing fall wreath and changing the color can make it look new… It just takes giving it a try!