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Give a Gift Card in a DIY Snow Globe

Last year, my girls and I sat and made a bunch of waterless snow globes. They were really fun and easy, but you can only have so many until there’s no where else to put them!I had to share this super easy and quick snow globe project with you since it’s the perfect time to use it, and it’s the perfect way to give a gift card in a DIY snow globe, and such a unique way to package it in a keepsake1

Use a waterless snowglobe to give a gift card in!

I thought it would be really cute to give them as a gift, but to tuck a gift card inside so it’s two gifts in one!

Making a DIY snow globe is a fun way to give a gift card

I thought, how perfect and we already had so many on hand! If you don’t have any but want to know how to make one, you can see the tutorial here.

Use a DIY snow globe to give a gift card

Much better than a plain old gift box!You just have to make sure the jar you use has an opening that’s big enough and the jar is tall enough to hold your gift card. I did find turning them sideways made them fit just a little bit better. The best part is there is no water included. I did add a little glitter to mine, but if you don’t want it to be so messy you can omit the glitter or faux snow.

DIY waterless snowglobe

Neighbors would love these and it’s so cute! I thought it would be perfect for a teacher’s gift and fun for them too! So I have to tell you with everything going on and working on the book, Santa is running a little behind this year. I hope his reindeer can catch up!!!!

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  1. Your snowglobes are so cute! I wrote a similar blog this week about homemade snow globes but I think your idea of tucking a small gift inside is just great! It’s nice to be able to give something truly heartfelt with a giftcard!
    All the best,

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