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How to Ombre dye drapes…

Thank you all for the great comments for my daughter’s room. We are so proud of it. It funny, because she loves everything modern, shiny, glossy and blingy. Totally opposite than me…I am sure she is going to grow up and her house is going to be sleek and minimalistic. 🙂 
When she said she wanted tye-dye drapes, I knew I didn’t want to do the traditional rubber band wrapped projects. I already had some old white cotton panels shoved in the back of the linen closet. But I did see some at Target the other day for $17 for  a pair.
 I had found my Ombre tutorial here. But I wanted something a little more dramatic, so I added a twist with different color dyes.
I apologize for the terrible pictures in advance, it was horrendously sunny out.
 I used light pink, fuchsia and navy.
I followed all of the dye mixing directions and safety directions, but I did  mine in a big plastic storage bin in the yard. It was the biggest thing I had to fit the drapes in.
 After getting the entire panel wet, I dipped the entire thing in the lightest pink first and let it set for about 20 minutes.
 took it out, rinsed it and then did the fuchsia.
 I dipped part of the drape in, for about 10 minutes and then pulled it out enough to just enough to have the bottom still in and let it set for about another 30 minutes to get that faded look.
 I pulled it out into the sun to dry  a bit and then rinsed the entire thing through until the water ran clear.
 I then dipped the navy in the ends the same way.
after I rinsed them one more time, I put them in the sun to dry. Once they dried, I gave them one go around in the regular washer and they were ready to hang. The color didn’t fade that much at all!
One packet does make  a lot of dye, so if there are other things you’d like dyed that color like t-shirts or pillow cases, go for it. You might even get  a little crazy. I was looking for things to put in the bin I was having so much fun.
Happy dyeing!
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  1. I love this look Jennifer!! I am going to get some Rit Dye this week and conjure up some fun projects! Love the colors you used!


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