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Firework Flowers that Bloom Around the 4th of July

It’s funny how quiet it is at 7 in the morning when the neighbors have been up partying late. Last night I heard voices and fireworks until past midnight, but this morning it was peaceful. I heard just the birds and saw our little resident bunny who was too fast for my camera.  found some “fireworks”  in my yard this morning. It’s fun to have firework flowers that bloom around the 4th of July!
Monarda or bee balm, a great flower that looks like fireworks that bloom around the 4th of July

Bee balm are a great garden filler and blooms around the 4th of july
Bee Balm(Monarda) comes in lots of colors, and after it’s done blooming leaves seed stalks for migrating birds. I will warn you, it can quickly overtake a garden if not pulled for control.But, like a lot of other flowers, make great flowers to share with your neighbors.
lacecap hydrangea is a great fourth of july flower
Lace cap Hydrangeas look just like those fireworks that climb high and then explode into stars.
Alliums are a fourth of july flower. They are firework flowers
Flowers from the Allium family look like sparklers and fireworks that burst into a flower.
Johnny jump up blooms with other flowers around the Fourth of july
Johnny Jump-ups add bright color all season and the streaking pattern in the center is very firework like.
Lavender, use it in drinks for the Fourth of July to resemble sparklers
 And as for Lavender… Sparklers anyone? Love to grow and harvest lavender? See this post.
Lavender blooms in summer and around the Fourth of July. Harvest and use in drinks as sparklers
I love that these flowers add some natural fireworks! For  more patriotic ideas, see how I made these luminaries out of old glass light covers.
Happy Independence Day and God Bless America!
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  1. I love it when the garden looks like fireworks! I love it when we look at something and see it for more than just “what it is”. Hope you have a happy and enjoyable 4th!

  2. Jen, look how pretty those flowers are … before I read on I said to myself.. WOW those flowers look like fireworks… that is just beautiful, and Yes my neighborhood sounds the same way this morning… I love it…peace and quiet. Happy 4TH to you..


  3. Dearest Jennifer,

    Lovely photos you show on this 4th of July. Wishing you also a meaningful 4th of July; it’s not yet over and let’s hope the spirit remains for many more years after this 235th Birthday of the United States of America!

    Lots of love,


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