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How to paint faux marble on a table top

I have a love affair with marble, and would love to have my kitchen covered in it, or at least a stone with a similar pattern.I thought I would share with you how to paint faux marble. It’s much easier than you think, and I love how it looks so much, I kind of want to faux marble everything.

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real marble slab for inspiration

A good tip is to use a real marble slab for reference, or even an inexpensive floor tile. This is a baking slab I’ve had for years. I use it all the time, and I know sometimes the wear and tear marble can show really bothers some people, but personally, I love all of the patina from use.

How to paint faux marble, real slab on painted surface for reference

When you have a reference, it’s easier to get to closer to what you are going for.

You need a thin paint brush, an angled paint brush, white paint ,light gray paint ,dark gray paint,and non-yellowing sealer (this is for non-food surfaces).

How to faux marble,first apply a base coat of white paint.How to paint faux marble starts with a  base coat of white.  I used an indoor/outdoor paint for durability.

And,it’s best to work while that’s still wet, you actually get better blending and feathering.

Paint a thin line of gray paint on the white paint.

Paint two different gray paints for How to paint faux marble

You want to kind of meander your line along, intersecting with other lines. Keep your wrist loose.

Feather the gray paint into the white paint maintaing the line how to paint faux marble

Once you have  a wet line, use your angled brush to feather the line out and soften it.  I do have video coming of how I did that technique.

Then continue to add lines in two different shades of gray, overlapping and intertwining.

real marble and faux marble side by side how to paint faux marble

I copied many of the patterns in my baking slab. I knew I wanted  it lighter, so I used lighter shades of gray, instead of the dark veining my baking slab has.

Let paint dry and seal with a non-yellowing sealer how to paint faux marble

Once it’s dry, you want to seal it with a non-yellowing sealer. For a honed-marble look, use a satin and for a polished look, use a gloss finish. My baking slab is going to go over the top so I wasn’t worried about food safety. If you are going to use this on counter-tops, make sure every product you use is food safe.

Jennifer Rizzo Fal kitche tour

Once it’s dried, it holds up fairly well. You can see my baking slab on top of the painted surface from my fall home tour. I like how bright and clean it looks compared to last year, and it was really inexpensive to do! I hope if you ave a surface like a table you want to change up, you try out this how to paint faux marble tutorial and let me know what you think!

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