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Creepy Mad Scientist Halloween Laboratory That’s No Spill!

We made a fun creepy mad scientist Halloween laboratory with some fun lab flasks. The kids thought it was such a fun idea as decor for a Halloween party or a haunted house scene, and there won’t be any spills to clean up!

Creepy Halloween labratory with flasks and Jello

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 I used Jell-O, but this isn’t a sponsored  post, you can use any of the brands of gelatin dessert. This is a fun way to use this product for this  spooky lab even though it’s not being consumed…It’s fast and easy, and smells pretty good too! Your little (or big) mad scientists will love it!

Lab flasks

I picked up various sizes of lab flasks  from Micheals in their Halloween display aisle but you can also find them online. If you want another fun project with lab flasks , you can  see how I transformed these.

I made the largest box of Jello (6 oz) using the microwave directions, but I only used half the amount of water (1 cup hot water/1 cup cold) so that it would set a little firmer and I waited until it cooled to a slightly warm temperature before pouring, so I didn’t have to worry about getting burned if I missed. Don’t pour it while it’s still hot! As you can see, I am not the most careful of pourers, so I am glad I waited until it cooled.

fill lab flasks with gelatinDo one color at a time, and once everything has cooled to where it’s almost room temperature, move to a refrigerator and let set up completely overnight. Keep in the fridge until your ready to use it, and then have fun with your display. I recommend throwing  out  the Jello when the party is over (Follow the directions on the box of you are going to make this to be eaten.).

Creepy Halloween laboratory with flasks and Jello

I used yellow,red, orange and blue and added a fun LAB sign  in the back and a few fairy lights. The fairy lights really made it all come to life and seem really eerie.

Lab flaskes with gelatin for a creepy halloween lab

Which I forgot about in the fridge until the end of the photo shoot of my creepy mad scientist Halloween laboratory!

No spill creepy Halloween laboratory

You could label the containers. Red looks good as a blood substitute! And, after putting the  flask of yellow in the fridge, hubby asked me if that was my “sample”… so there’s that.

Fun and creepy DIY bug tray

I set mine up with old books, spiders and a fun homemade a fun insect tray with rubber bugs from the craft store.

DIY bug tray for Halloween decor

To make it, we painted  a plain wood tray with teal and black paint and then glued in some plastic bugs we painted with gold and silver paint.

creepy mad scientist Halloween laboratory with Jello

It’s kind of fun to set it all up ! You could float a few  eye balls and bugs in the flask too. If you decide you are going to want to eat the Jello,make sure you are using a food safe container, and you make the Jello according to the instructions on the package. I don’t think the way I made it would taste very good. My kids thought it was really fun, and kept tipping the containers to see if it would pour out. If you are going to have a lot of little kids around (or drunk adults), I would use a non-breakable container too.

I thought a creepy Halloween laboratory was a fun way to do something a bit different for Halloween decor, and fun for party too!

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