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Inspire me Monday.. Interview with Melaine of My Sweet Savannah

Welcome to Inspire me Monday with Melaine of My Sweet Savannah. Melaine has been blogging since January of 2008. Her blog is filled with her family life, amazingly creative art projects and inspirational home decorating ideas. I met Melaine at the Farm Chicks show this year and enjoyed every minute of her warm and friendly company.

Melaine, You are so busy all
of the time and are always creating. With a family, where do you find the time?

My kids love to create with me. They are very artsy and also love to collect, so it’s fun for them to go to garage sales with me, or paint along side of me! They also share my love of cooking, so we are always in the kitchen together! But, I do make time to spend one on one with them and I never miss a soccer game or school event, etc. etc.! That is what is important!

Do you have a certain area you create in?

Ha! Love this one! Yes, it’s called my kitchen counter! I actually spent the day today “gutting” my basement which after the garage sale will become the permanent home to my crafting!

Do you have an art “style” that you admire or that inspires

I tend to like anything funky, junky, and with peeling paint. So, I would say eclectic. However I am a traditional girl at heart.

What is your eventual goal with your art and creations?

To make millions! Just kidding. Seriously though it is just really fun getting emails from people that are so happy with a sign they purchased from me, or getting a phone call from someone saying I inspired them.
I find it funny that I do, but if I do, it makes it all worth it!

If someone gave you unlimited time and resources to create with, what would you

MY DREAM HOME, in a heartbeat!

What advice do you have for another artist who is just starting out in the world of
marketing their creations?

Don’t give up! I started out painting children’s furniture when my daughter was little and I couldn’t afford it myself. I slowly started making things for friends and it took off from there. I still think I have a ways to go, but I am young! Just do what you love and the rest will come!

Do you have a favorite project that you’ve done so far?

My favorite project has to be my

home. It started out as a 900 square foot bachelor pad and has turned into a real home for me
and my family through hard work, blood, sweat, and oh yes, tears!

Many people want to create and tap into that artistic side, but have fears about
beginning.. did you have any fears about selling your things?

Of course! No one wants to hear negative things about the things
they put their hearts into! You just have to learn to take constructive criticism, it helps you grow! I say, go for it!

Were you always artistic or did you have other paths in life you took before you got you where you were?

I have always loved art and interior design. I remember as a kid constantly re-arranging my bedroom. I did this all the time. I also got creative in high school when my parents were out of town and repainted my room without permission, black and white checkerboard! Yikes, needless to say, I had to repaint when the got home! My favorite class in school was art. After high school I kept in contact with my art teacher. She recently passed away but I will always remember the influence she had on me. When we bought our first home, decorating it and making it “us” became an obsession~still is!

Melaine, thank you so much for giving us a peek into your creative world! I hope you all enjoyed the interview! You can see more of Melaine and her creations at her blog My Sweet Savannah, or visit her Etsy store.

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all pictures are property of and used with permission from My Sweet Savannah

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