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Removing the Covers from Books for Decorating

I fell in love with the new Restoration Hardware catalog, and looking through the pages, one thing I noticed were the books in the background  I noticed the removal of covers from books for decorating on their bookshelves… And I loved it!

Buy thrift store books for the removal of covers from books for decorating

I loved the difference with the organic textures and colors. Even though I didn’t have a big place to do a large grouping of them; I thought a little accent might be nice. I had a few books lying around from the thrift store waiting for a project or two. At first I started to try to rip the covers off “Phone book vs. strongman style…” and then after a few puny attempts I realized there was a reason God made razor blade knives, and I started cutting the covers from the spines of the books.

remove book covers for a neutral look interior decorating

I removed the covers and pages until I found text I liked… The top one had the word was a few pages in. It was really fun just on it’s own. The graphic look of the words in the vintage book were just so cool as an accent.

Exposing spines of books in decorating

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I started removing covers from other books around my house too… Mr. R just gave me that look and rolled his eyes. I am pretty sure the Little one did too. We always tell our kids NOT to rip their books…ha ha.

How could you not love such a simple thing,and how affordable it is! Who would have thought the removal of book covers for decorating would even be a real thing, but I love the calm, neutral tone it brings!