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Growing Volunteer Pumpkins in the Compost Pile

While dumping stuff in my compost and  fighting off the mosquitoes today, I found these two little, softball-size guys already ripe in my compost pumpkin heap! They must the the remnant of  a pie pumpkin I threw out there. I can’t believe they were ready so early. I had noticed there were some pumpkin live leaves growing out of the pile a few weeks ago, I didn’t know if I could actually get something. You might wonder, how to you end up growing volunteer pumpkins in the compost pile?
Pumpkins growing in the compost heap

The answer is very easily! Any seeds that are thrown in the compost pile can grow. This is why it’s recommended to never compost certain kinds of weeds. You’ll end up with them full of weed babies!  When I tossed our old pumpkins in there,  there were some seeds left behind from the many pumpkins I had tossed in there, so I had a few varieties growing.. That was just enough to start my small pumpkin empire. There were even more growing and starting to turn than I thought!
Small pumpkins turning orange fro green
My mom was over and noticed there were actually a few more than I thought, she yelled out, “Hey, look at this other vine they are different! Look at this BIG green one!”
Pumpkin stems
DO you see it in the grass? Me neither. I thought she was just being my crazy, ‘ol Mom at first, 🙂 then I moved a few Hosta leaves aside. There they were, I was just unknowingly growing volunteer pumpkins in the compost pile!
A pumpkin hidden in hosta leaves
My Mom was right. There it was! It was so exciting, he’s already the size of  a basketball! There is something so gratifying about growing and then finding little surprises along the way. I am going to guess him as Orange halloween type. And for some odd reason I think pumpkins are male?
A yellow pumpkin
And this one is from the Jarrdale seeds I planted on the other side of the yard. He’s already like a volleyball. They are supposed to be blue-green and Cinderella looking. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I suddenly feel like a pumpkin farm.
If you love how homgrown pumpkins look. Check out how I decorated my front porchette with some pumpkins in the vine.
Have  a great weekend~!



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  1. Little surprises are so sweet!
    I am sooo ready for Fall!!
    It has been so hot and dr yhere this Summer..wonder how our local pumpkins will fare???
    I buy the Cinderella, Aussie Blues and Whites every year and they last forever!!! Can’t wait to see yours!!! Home grown!!! How exciting!!! Are your girls excited??

  2. what the heck is that thing? in that last picture? I can’t figure it out…

    and that is so cool about your pumpkins!! Rizzo is perfect for a lot – but how about “charlie’s pumpkins”

  3. Gotta love those gorgeous little pumpkins! Wonderful surprise. Keep us posted on the green one…they are my favorites! Mumzie

  4. I am throwing things with seeds out often and what do I get? Lots of maple trees all over the yard. Nothing fun like pumpkins.
    It was very hard to find white ones in my area. When I ask for blue people think I am crazy.

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