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A Cottage Bedroom with Blue Walls

My bedroom. Gah. I am not going to lie to you. The before picture is  a whole lotta ugly.  I actually cringe when I look at it; I’m actually embarrassed.
Let me tell you, when you have 3 kids in 5 years, it messes with you. Our bedroom was  a dumping ground. We painted it when we moved in and that was it. From there it was just  a mish-mosh of what we had, I would hardly even make the bed because I could never get back in there during the day. I would literally get up, throw stuff in there and go. I was so busy trying to make every other space nice, I kind of forgot about the most important one. Ours. So I decided to give it a cottage bedroom with blue walls. Before… Gah… It’s just a mess.

BEdroom before makeover with dark walls and red bedding

When a company sent me some paint to try; I knew it was time to get off my fanny and finally make our space nice for us. With  fresh coats of paint, new lamps and vintage finds. I wanted to give it a cottage feel… here’s what I ended up with:
blue gray bedroom with rose pattern curtains with white bedding and dark furniture
The vintage curtains, mirrors, and vintage embellishments make the space personal. I love the calm touches of blue and green with a hint of yellow. Read more about where the curtains came from here.
Blue bedroom with vintage floral curtains and white bedding with a white lamp for a cottage feel
It’s still our old headboard but I gave it a makeover with caning and paint. You can see that project here.
small cottage bedroom with curtains on the closet white bedding and floral curtains
Now, I am so happy we changed it up and gave it a cottage bedroom makeover with blue walls to go in there and hang out and have restful sleep. I also don’t have to be embarrassed to close the door when people come over. I’ve noticed the Hubs and I enjoy spending more time as well in our space. It is more than  just a dumping ground. It’s kind of  a retreat.
side table makeover with paint in a cottage bedroom


It’s a spot just for us.
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  1. Jen you have really created a wonderfully inviting and cozy room!! I had to look twice to be sure it was the same room in the before picture!! Great job in transforming your room into a gorgeous oasis!

    bee blessed

  2. How nice! You did a great job! It’s so good for us to do something for ourselves sometimes!! Good for you.
    Carol in GA

  3. Now that IS a transformation!! Gorgeous! I love the color combination, and the modern mixed with the vintage….the lamps bring that modern touch!



  4. Honey, that “before” was definitely pretty ugly…now don’t get mad, I’m just agreein’ with ya, sugar! But the “after” is stunningly different and just gorgeous. You did a great job, chick, just like always.

  5. Oh my gosh, its GORGEOUS! Everything you wrote…thats us/our bedroom! THIS is what Ive been dreaming of doing too. Although I think your wall color is a hue of light blue? And Im hoping for a shade of gray…this is basically right on!

  6. Jennifer, this is just magnificent!
    This is the transformation of the century, you should be SO proud!

    I would love to do a post linking to this post, this is one of the most inspirational things I’ve seen in ages. Gives us all hope. 🙂

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Hi Jennifer~
    Wow! I love your transformation! It looks so soft and cozy! I think the sweet curtains made a huge improvement and the white headboard is just gorgeous. I hear ya’ on the kids thing. I had two babies 15 months apart – back to back and I was busy! Our diaper days are over (finally!) so I am just getting started with caring about my house now. 😉 Great job on your room!
    xo, Lara

  8. jen it looks super! i love all the vintage touches and those mirrors are perfect!! must be so great to have it done! enjoy it! have a nice week. susan

  9. WOW JEN!! That is beautiful! between you, Maria and Sadie’s new bedrooms, I’m loaded with ideas!!!

    Anne Marie
    p.s. I love how you showed “the truth” in that first photo –

  10. oh jen, it looks beautiful. love the colors used. very peaceful and serene.

    i think you just described my bedroom to a t. it is a dumping ground too. i need to take a little incentive from you and get my butt moving.

  11. I just saved some of your pics in my “dream decorating” files. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did….such a transformation.

    (Don’t you sorta love/hate the blog world for keeping us on our toes about those rooms that we hide behind closed doors….)


  12. LOVE IT! That’s just how I felt when I did my bedroom makeover too. You definitely have a retreat now! It looks so restful and so…you. LOVE the curtains, too. They add so much personality. Well done (as usual!)

  13. It is just lovely! I love the paint color and the vintage touches. I really like the new lamps…they have so much character. It looks like a retreat now. Glad you are enjoying it!

  14. This is just fabulous. Your headboard makeover is just too clever! I love the lamps–looking for same type for my bedroom makeover. Enjoy your new room!

  15. Hi, had to look @ ur bedroom aswell. I love it! What a difference. Its so fresh looking. I love, love, love the bedding. Can u please tell me where ya got it. I will be ur newest follower, just as soon as i can find ur “follow” button. I know, so cliche “newbie Blogger”……….I dont know where anything is, lol……….Bonnie

  16. Well the transformation was very good.
    But I don`t think you quite got it with the curtains…. maybe some other floral patern and colors would be better.
    But congrats all the same it`s very gracious. Ah… and maybe some ceiling/wall plaster moulding finish, would give it that special edge .

  17. I love the whole makeover but I was really drawn to the circular piece of art above the bedside table. It is so cute and gives texture and interest but I can’t tell what it is. A vintage find or DIY project? Help a girl out.

  18. I love it! you did a great job, congratulations. Since I saw your website I dream to have the same dresser and headboard. Would you tell me where I could find it in order to buy?

  19. Lovely makeover! It inspires me to work on a room that is in the same shape as yours!

  20. I absolutely love your makeover! It is so beautiful! I love your curtains. May I ask where you got them? They are exactly what I’m looking for!

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