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My First Trunk Show and How It Went

I am finally recovering from my first trunk show at Little Luxuries in downtown Naperville. My legs are sore, my feet still hurt, and it seemed like every picture we took I had my mouth open in. Wide open, like laugh like a seal open. I spent last night doing all of the laundry I had been neglecting for the past 2 1/2 weeks, and I have to admit also eating Oreo’s and watching Goonies on TBS. I know, I am a dork. The trunk show… my first trunk show was interesting…

Jennifer Rizzo at her trunk sow

I did thankfully sell and that made me so so happy. I also talked to a lot of people and passed out a lot of cards. I won’t lie. I envy those jewelry people who drag in a case or two and that’s it. My hair was a pretty wet by the time I was done unloading. I wish I could say I glisten, but ladies, I am a full bore-on sweat-er. I was thankful I had put on the heavy duty Secret that night…strong enough for a man…

People at a trunk show

There’s nothing like schlepping in plastic boxes of stuff wishing you had tennies on. I had more left that I thought, but I think I over-made too… I had an over-flowing table and boxes still in the car. (I had this last minute panic that I wasn’t going to have enough so I put the Jen-factory on…now I wish I had taken it easy that day before. I worked on stuff up until I was leaving. Dumb- dumb!)

Trunk show items pillows

Even at the end of the night when I was many boxes lighter, it was still a lot. So, I would do it again, but on a Thursday or Friday night.

Saturday was just too hectic of a day with the kids and family stuff. It would’ve been easier if they were in school all day. So I felt like I was rushing just to get through the day.

Stenciled crates tems for a trunk show

The staff is awesome there, and folks were so friendly. I even was able to meet a few of my local blog readers which was pretty cool. I was just so glad I made it through, and I did it!

Jennifer Rizzo at a Trunk Show

The store was beautiful with awesome merchandise. I was just so happy to be there and that things sold.

Little Luxuries shop in Naperville

I know next time I will do the weekday thing and not sweat it out so much… and enjoy the process more. But I was so nervous, I think for a first time thing this was how it was going to be either way. Now that I’ve done it and know what to expect, I know the next one will go a little smoothier.

Inside of a boutique with lamps

I listed a few of the bits that came home with me in My Etsy store. I was happy the chair didn’t sell, I’m keeping that. Thank you all for all of your support! I couldn’t have made it through my first trunk show without you and thank you to everyone who came out! I couldn’t end the post without showing you what I was talking about when I say I laugh like a seal.

Woman laughing

There it is…

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