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Landscaping with Grocery Store Hanging Baskets

A few years ago, I decided we needed a berm in our front yard. We are a corner lot, and when cars would make the bend, the headlights would shine right in through our front window.  We started by planting a River Birch, and really small Alaskan Cedar Pine that I bought for $40. He was kind of a cute Charlie Brown type tree. It’s now been quite a few years (and he’s getting quite grown up), and the berm is really looking established! I noticed when I was driving up recently, that it seemed very “green”, and needed a little bit of color. One way I like to save money on annuals and add color is by breaking up and landscaping with grocery store hanging baskets and planters.

Front berm landscaped year three

I found an image of the berm from when we first put it in, and I can’t believe how much everything has grown! This was about 7 years ago. While I love mostly using low maintenance perennials, annuals are great for those bits of added color and texture.

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Front berm before planting annuals

Sometimes I’ll buy a flat of annuals if they are a good deal, but it still ends up costing $2-$3 a plant.  Lots of times, I can buy the hanging baskets on sale, and it ends up being less than $1 a plant!

Save money on planting by landscaping with grocery store hanging baskets and planters.

I bought two hanging baskets at our stupid( insert grocery stores name here), for less than $10. I bought one basket that had pink begonias, and another one that had yellow petunias. I wanted plants that would do well in part shade. I found landscaping with grocery store hanging baskets and planters was an inexpensive way to do that.

Back story on why I call our grocery store Stupid (insert store name here)…. because for many years it’s been horrible. The produce section was gross, the selection of product was limited and horrible, and the entire store looked tired and dirty. Most residents only shopped there if they couldn’t get to another store. It’s now getting a face-lift, so I have high hopes. I will say the girl who does our garden center does an amazing job, it’s the best part of our store.

Breaking up grocery store annuals for planting

After de-potting…? Un-potting? The plant, breaking it up is easier than it seems.

Serrated edge trowel for weeing and plants

A few years ago I discovered a serrated edge weeding trowel, also called a Garden Knife , and I’ve never looked back. This is one of my favorite tools along with my perennial spade digging shovel, and has made my planting so much easier! This garden tool is not only great for digging, but for weeding, and cutting through root systems.

Use a serrated edge trowel ls to break up a potted plant

I used the edge of my serrated edge trowel carefully cut up the soil and root ball, and start separating the plants.

Divide plants from grocery store planter to transplant

I was able to cut apart 5 plants for transplanting.

Transplant grocery store plants

I dug a hole slightly bigger than the root ball, covered the base with soil.

how to transplant grocery store plants and annuals

Once they were transplanted, I gave them a deep watering.

Front berm landscaping with grocery store annuals

For $10, the grocery store annuals gave  a nice pop of color to the front, and made it look like it was less of a sea of plain green.

Landscaping with grocery store annuals and hanging baskets

I’ll share in a few weeks how it looks a little more filled in!



  1. Looks really good! I often buy baskets of dragon wing begonia and just plop the whole thing in a larger pot to have a much more established plant for the short summer season.

  2. Just gorgeous! Lots of work but so well worth it! And the neighbors and cars driving past must love looking at it too!
    Thank y you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Michele! I do like driving up and seeing everything look so pretty and lush!

  3. Enjoyed all the videos and varied painting demos, something to think about and try. Thanks for sharing. Have been in dry spell from crafting for few months. I am mourning our wonderful black lab/border collie which we had to put to sleep on 12/23, he was 10 but had him for 9 yrs. Still miss him so much. Was very special animal. My animals are very important to me, like my kids.

    1. Hi Jane Ellen,
      I am so sorry for your loss! It’s so hard to lose some one you love. I hope that creative time can be therapeutic for you and give you some comfort.

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