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Arts and Crafts Inspired Painted Built In Cabinet

When painting built-ins, there is always the challenge of  trying to not only make the piece fit the space, but the owners tastes and desires. The owners we’re in love with the Arts and Crafts era, but wanted to modernize  and decorate their radiator cabinet a little. They also loved the picture over the  cabinet and wanted to tie in the roses and wall color as well. We ended up doing a custom rose design with an Arts and Crafts Inspired Painted Built In Cabinet. I created a stencil based on the time frame and Arts and Crafts movement.
Cabinet before custom painting in dining room bare wood


The only issue we ran into was the way the cabinet was built. The carpenter had made the doors off center with on smaller door and they couldn’t decide if they wanted to go ahead and paint it or not. It was decided leave it black for now since the sizes of the doors didn’t really match each other. I wish I had been able to talk to the carpenter beforehand, I would have requested the smaller door placed in the center if the unit.
Painted cabinet with arts and craft style motif
I don’t love the off-center design, but after going back and forth over it with the homeowner, we thought it might be even more noticeable if we empathized it with painting. If you want a few tips about painting your own furniture, check out this blog post.
rt and crafts style painted cabinet with custom stencil
There was no great answer, and they didn’t want to have the carpenter re-make the cabinet. I had suggested even seeing if we could swap the doors on the outside, but the one cabinet was just a little too small for that.
Dining room with red wall and ars and crafts painted cabinet


It would be an easy pattern to duplicate if they decided to go ahead and finish the door, or do something else entirely. I could even come back and repaint black over the second panel to even it out.
Top of painted cabinet with roses


 The top was also done in an Arts and Crafts-inspired design as well  to tie the two in together. Those were all considerations in the quest to make a new piece fit an old house.
Arts and Crafts Inspired Painted Built In Cabinet with red wall and custom rose doors
This way not only does it cover their radiator, but they can actually use it as a buffet. I love that besides decorative the custom painted arts and crafts buffet is also functional! It’s one of my favorite painted furniture pieces to date!
Red dining room with painted cabinet and chandelier and large roses wall art

I really love the custom stencil on the Arts and Crafts Inspired Painted Built In Cabinet and how it ties in the art work above the buffet, and gives a nod to the room color.

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