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Little Vintage Nook Seating Area

 I thought I would have the bathroom finished by now, but one thing I found is that kids home from  spring break and painting do not mix. 🙂 When we put in our built-in bookcase, one thing I missed was sitting in that area and being able to look out in the morning with my coffee. I loved having this dresser and bottle rack there, but I just really missed that morning bit of sun and wanted a Little Vintage Nook Seating Area.
Dining room area with chairs and mirror

Vintage mirror and lamp
 after thinking about it, I decided to play to with my furniture placement a bit and came up with this:
Chair and lamp with vintage chair


 It’s my new favorite spot in the house. I love how cozy this chair is there. Sometimes we even fight over who sits there. Can you see how the sun comes in?  It gets great morning light.
Vintage chair and lamp with brown and white curtains in a Little Vintage Nook Seating Area
Last week I had hyacinths and this week I just put  lilacs there. They smell heavenly. It’s such a nice way to start the morning and wake up a bit. I am not a morning person; so I need all of the help  can get! This wee bit of sun really wakes me up and it’s also nice during the day if I can catch a break from work and sit with my second cup of coffee and look in the garden and day dream a bit.
Do you have  a special spot like that?

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  1. That looks so pretty!! I love your chair,and i can smell the beautiful lilacs from here. Have a great day!


  2. A perfect spot for a bit of contemplation. I love that you have lilacs already – ours are weeks out. What did you do with the dresser?

  3. I loved that spot before but I think you’ve really created a great place for reading or relaxing. My spot is in my livingroom and I enjoy propping my feet up and reading there.


  4. The love the chair. What a perfect place to have a cup of coffee and read one of your favorite decorating magazine or even better….read to one of your girls their favorite book. Take care sweetie!

  5. Great change up! The chair is awesome. I have a spot in my master bedroom where I can get away from it all and read books from the bookshelf next to it. I also sneak away to chat where there is no 3 year old chatter!

  6. I love the change! Sitting by a window, having my coffee first thing is so very important to me too, so I totally get it!
    I think I’ll change things up a little in another nook in my house just to have some variety. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Jen,
    Love your sitting area.What a perfect place to sit and have a cup of coffee or tea.Hmmm let’s see favorite spot.Well I have two.One is my living room in the spring summer.I have a front porch and near the porch I have a fountain.I love to sit in that room when everyone else is asleep in the morning and drink my coffee and listen to the birds and the sound of the water.Second is my bedroom.I have a special sitting area that I like to go to for my magazine quiet time.Too bad I don’t enjoy that often enough.Never enough quiet time.

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